Anime fans around the world have been passionate about their favorite series for decades. There are so many great anime series out there, but which are the best? Here are the top 5 best anime series of all time, that any fan must know.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is the definition of a classic, and the perfect introduction for anyone looking to get into anime. The series follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters, each with their own unique backgrounds, as they travel the stars in search of their next target. With its blend of jazz music, cool characters, and thrilling action, Cowboy Bebop captures the essence of a wild west sci-fi world.

2. Death Note

Death Note is a psychological thriller that follows Light Yagami, a genius high school student who obtains a mysterious notebook and discovers a god-like power. With the power to eliminate anyone’s name written in its pages, Light embarks on a mission to use the notebook in his diabolical mission of “saving” the world from criminals. The series quickly becomes a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between Light and the mysterious detective L.

3. Naruto

The world of Naruto has captivated fans across the world and is one of the most popular anime series of all time. The story follows a young ninja named Naruto, who is determined to become the most powerful ninja in his village. Along the way, he meets a cast of colorful and eccentric characters, faces insurmountable odds, and survives wild battles and dangerous missions.

4. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a global phenomenon that has inspired countless anime, manga, and TV shows. The series follows Son Goku and his allies as they battle against an endless array of forces and monsters. The battles are intense and the stakes are always high, sure to keep viewers entertained for hours.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a beloved classic from the early 2000s. The series follows Edward and Alphonse, two alchemists who use their unique abilities to search for the Philosopher’s Stone, an object said to be able to solve any problem. Along the way, they face all kinds of enemies, adversaries, and puzzles. This classic anime has captivated fans for years with its unique setting, dynamic characters, and beautiful animation.

When discussing the top best anime series of all time, there are a few titles that did not make the top 5, but are still worth mentioning. Some of these honorable mentions include:

• Neon Genesis Evangelion: With its dark themes and compelling narrative, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic mecha anime that captivated fans around the world.

• Attack On Titan: Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic fantasy series that follows the struggle of humanity against a mysterious race of giants.

• One Piece: One Piece follows quirky pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy as he goes on an epic journey to find the elusive treasure “One Piece”.

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