Staying connected to friends and family in an increasingly digital world can be tough. Writing thoughtful, personalized messages that express your care and concern when you cannot be there can help you to stay close to people you care about. The following article shares ideas on how to send support by writing meaningful Thinking of You messages.

Understanding the Power of Thinking of You Messages

Creating a connection to someone when you cannot be present physically is powerful and emotional. A Thinking of You message changes the energy in the room, reminding the person you are thinking of them and that you care deeply. Knowing this can make it much easier to take the time to send sincere and thoughtful messages.

Thinking of You messages share a strong message that you care about someone during a challenging or difficult time. It does not require you to have the answers or be able to ‘fix’ anything, and it reminds the recipient that they are not alone.

Choosing How to Express Yourself

Thinking of You messages come in many forms and frequency, based on the friendships and relationships you have. Consider the following ideas for expressing yourself:

Handwritten Cards

Still one of the most powerful and meaningful methods of communication, a handwritten card can carry a sentiment that will remain long after being opened. Whether large or small, writing out a special note expressing the thought of you in your own words can be extremely powerful.


Text messages are easily accessible via mobile devices and so can be sent quickly and conveniently. Although not quite as meaningful as a handwritten card, a carefully chosen collection of words can easily expressed via text to create a strong connection.


In late 2020, to keep a regular connection with close friends and family, emails can also be sent with a simple message. Email offers a great way to be considered, without the burden of structure or grammar that comes with a more formal letter.

Phone messages

When sending messages to family, friends, or even colleagues, a call to express your thoughtfulness can have a guaranteed impact. Not only does the person make their way onto your list of priorities, but a conversational exchange can be enjoyed during the call, with a positive outcome for both parties.

Social media

When used correctly, social media can be an effective tool to send Thinking of You messages. Keep in mind, however, that this type of communication can be public, so care must be taken to ensure that the person does not feel exposed, awkward or unaware.

The Benefits of Thinking of You Messages

Writing out and sending thoughtful messages to your family and friends has many benefits, such as:

● Strengthening relationships – Writing out your thoughts and expressing your care and concern can help to strengthen the relationship between you and the recipient.

● Positive feedback – Most people appreciate receiving a genuine, heartfelt Thinking of You message and typically respond positively.

● Reducing stress – Writing and sending messages can help to reduce overall stress levels both for the sender and recipient.

● Emotional consolation – During challenging times, sending thoughtful messages can provide comfort and solace that can go a long way in helping someone stay positive and start to heal.

Writing Tips for Thinking of You Messages

As we have seen, sending a an effective Thinking for You message can mean so much. But what should you include to make it the most meaningful? Consider the following tips before beginning:

  1. Choose a message that reflects your relationship and the relationship you have with the recipient.

  2. Keep it simple but thoughtful. Focus more on expressing how you feel and stay away from flowery language and complex statements.

  3. If possible, emphasize experiences that you have shared that make the message clear and relatable.

  4. If sending via email or text, proofread your message before sending and avoid any typos or grammar mistakes.

  5. Consider pairing your message with a gift or activity. This can make it even more special and meaningful.

Examples of Thinking of You Messages

You can use these examples of Thinking of You messages to express your feelings and show that you care. Choose the message that feels the most natural to you and tailor it to the relationship that you have with the person, reflecting your shared experiences:

  1. Hey [Name], I hope you’re doing ok. I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to let you know I’m here if you need to talk.

  2. I just wanted to let you know I care and am here when you need me. Thinking of you and sending love.

  3. [Name], I don’t know how to make everything better, but I want you to know I am here for you. Sending kind thoughts your way.

  4. Hey [Name], I can’t be there with you now but I am sending lots of love and support your way.

  5. Just wanted to reach out and let you know I’m here for you. Love and support from me no matter what.

Inspired Ways to Put Your Thinking of You Message Into Action

Now that you know the importance of sending thoughtful messages and have some ideas on what to say, here are some inspired ideas for sending support from afar.

● Send a card, especially with a handwritten message.

● Start a book club or movie club and each send a surprise package for each person’s selection.

● Create a care package with a theme related to the recipient’s hobbies.

● Send a text message to check in with loved ones on a regular basis.

● Reach out and invite the recipient to a virtual gathering, featuring a special activity like online gaming, bingo, quilt-making, or whatnot.

● Encourage further contact by sending a specially chosen recipe, a board game, or a craft project.

● Send a video message, telling the person how much you care.

● Tie the recipient’s favorite color ribbon to a handwritten card.

When distance is a barrier, sending heartfelt Thinking of You messages is a perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you. Whether handwritten or virtual, expressing your care and concern can be an uplifting exercise for both the sender and the receiver. Why not let someone know you are thinking of them today?

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