Spending time sprucing up your home for the new season can be both satisfying and satisfyingly quick. You don’t need to overhaul your entire living space to create a home that feels refreshed and ready for spring. Many projects can be done in one day with minimal effort, leaving you extra time to enjoy the sunshine. Here are seven easy ways to give your home a spring-inspired refresh in just one day.

Add Greenery

Bringing some nature indoors is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make your home feel livelier. Whether you opt for plants that need plenty of light or maintenance-free succulents, a few strategically placed potted plants can brighten up a room. Keep it simple by matching the pots or pick plants that flower for an extra cheerful look.

Do a Deep Clean

Wake your home up from its winter hibernation with a deep clean. Pull out furniture and clear those hard-to-reach spots you often neglect. Don’t forget to add drapery, fabric furniture and area rugs to the list too, as a deep clean can help you get rid of any dust, dirt and allergens that have gathered in your home over winter.

Get Crafting

DIY projects always bring a unique touch to any living space. Choose something simple and easy, like making your own spring wreaths or floral wall art. If you prefer something a bit more challenging, why not try a more intricate project like a wooden planter box?

Reorganize the Closets

Don’t neglect one of the most overlooked spaces in your home – the closets. Spring is the perfect time to get organized and lighten the burden of a cluttered closet. Hang lightweight items like summer dresses, shirts and shorts. For heavier items, use shelves and bins for grouping and storing items.

Bring in Some Color

Painting is a great way to add some playfulness to your home and you can get the job done in no time. Choose from the fresh spring colors, like blues, pinks and greens, or go for a calming neutrals. There’s no need for fancy tools and supplies either – use a roller or a spray bottle to cover the walls.

Accessorize with Fabrics

Now that winter blues have been replaced with happy pastels, it’s time to bring out the fabrics. Swap out winter throws and thick down comforters to lighter-weight fabrics, such as linen and percale. Jazz up the seating with colorful patterned pillows and look for colorful window treatments to replace your curtains or blinds.

Revamp Your Furniture

A few small changes can transform an old piece of furniture into a brand new one. Repaint dressers and outdated tables, or upcycle and customize an old piece of furniture to make it your own. For an effortless project, reupholster or slipcover chairs or opt for a few throw cushions for instant color and comfort.

Give your home a big hug and a welcome boost of spring in just one day. With these seven easy steps, you can revitalize your home and create a lovely and inviting atmosphere – perfect for welcoming the new season.

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