When couples move in together, it is a major milestone in their lives. It’s a chance for them to start their lives as a team – making their home the place that reflects their lives together. Ground rules have to be set and compromises have to be made if this is going to be successful. One such compromise that must be made is when it comes to decorating their homes. 

While each half of the couple may have something different in mind when deciding how to decorate their house, at the end it will end up as a reflection of their unity. It’s no surprise that there can often be arguments between couples as they try to decorate their homes – after all, everyone has different tastes. Let’s explore the world’s biggest arguments couples have when decorating their homes.

Style Arguments

Decorating a living space should be an enjoyable experience, shared by both halves of the couple. However, the reality is often far from this in reality. Whether it is a battle of the boho-style versus the modern look, or even the more heated debate of traditional versus contemporary, it is a common denominator for couples when it comes to decorating their home. Whilst it may seem like a very mundane argument, disagreements about what style should be used when decorating a home can be damaging to a relationship if not resolved in a mature way.

Arguments on Color

The color of walls, furniture, and decorations can often cause some intense arguments when it comes to decorating a home. Fighting about what would look pretty or what shade to use can escalate quickly, leaving couples feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Whether it be the classic debate of light or dark shades, or trying to find the perfect shade to tie a room together, selecting the right color can be a long and arduous task. For couples who can’t seem to agree on what color to use, perhaps they should take the easy way out and opt for white or neutral shades.

Budgeting Disputes

Money is another major argument when it comes to decorating a home. Deciding on a budget, adhering to it, and committing to expensive purchases can be difficult for couples – especially if their financial situations and perspectives differ. One half may be more open to splurging on expensive furniture, whilst the other may be more conservative, wanting only to buy the necessary items now and save for the bigger purchases later. When it comes to budgeting, it’s important for couples to have a thorough discussion about the financial aspect of decorating their home, and to come to an agreement of what works for the both of them.

Arguments over Buying Décor and Furniture

Deciders and buyers – determining who is responsible for purchasing home décor and furniture is another issue for couples. It is important to decide who is going to be in charge of purchasing items and to ensure that the selections fit the style and color of the home. A common mistake couples make is not taking into account size and shape when they are browsing items at the store. This can lead to items that don’t fit the house and lead to major arguments. It’s best to take measurements and make notes along the way when looking at pieces, just to be sure that the items really do fit, and aren’t just eye-catching.

Deciding on the Layout

The layout of a room is often an overlooked aspect of decorating a home. One of the biggest arguments couples have is deciding which pieces go where. Couples may disagree about who will get the corner sofa, or whether a piece should be moved from one side of the room to the other. These arguments feed into arguments about space, functionality, and balance. It is important for couples to decide on a rough plan of their desired layout before beginning any shopping for furniture. This can help alleviate any disputes about moving large pieces around and can help the couple to make an informed decision about where the furniture needs to go.

Argument over Artwork and Accessories

Args over artwork and accessories can often arise when couples are decorating their home. It can be difficult to agree on what type of pieces should go where in a certain room. Finding the right artwork to hang on the wall or the perfect lamp to complete a look can be a challenge. One half of the couple may want something kitsch and the other half may want something more muted and classic. These types of arguments can go back and forth for days but can be solved by simply taking the time to look through different pieces together.

Decorating a home is a joint effort and can bring couples closer together if done properly. That being said, it can be a very trying process and arguments can easily arise. Understanding what the biggest arguments couples have when decorating their home can help them to be better prepared for when it comes to making decisions on décor, furniture, and accessories. Remember, it’s important for couples not to let these small arguments damage their relationship. With a bit of patience and a lot of understanding, decorating a house together can be an enjoyable experience.

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