There’s nothing quite like opening an engagement card and feeling the love radiating from both the couple and those around them. Whether you go for the traditional, heartfelt, funny or thoughtful messages, sending an engagement card is the perfect way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials and let them know how much you care. 

Engagement cards typically contain well wishes and encouragement, signifying hope and good fortune. If you’re looking to bring joy to an engaged couple, an engaging wedding card with a heartfelt message is sure to bring smiles and laughter during a special time in their lives. Whether you’re in search of thoughtful words of wisdom, prayers, or loving gifts, here are some messages you can include in your engagement card.

Wishes of Joy and Love

Nothing expresses sincere happiness and joy like a heartfelt congratulations on the happy couple’s engagement. Consider these meaningful messages to include on your engagement card:

• Wishing you the best as you start your journey together.

• May each day of your life together be filled with joy and laughter.

• May your love be strong and your marriage grow, congratulations on your engagement.

• May your love continue to bring you joy, year after year.

• Congratulations and all the best, as you start this wonderful journey.

• Wishing you happiness and joy as you embark on this next chapter of your lives together.

• May the years ahead be filled with peace, love, and joy.

Prayers for the Couple

Sending sincere prayers and well-wishes along with your congratulations can make the engagement card even more special. Try these words of prayer:

• May God bless and strengthen your love every day.

• May the Lord bring you comfort, joy, and happiness throughout your many years together.

• May all of your dreams come true and God bless your marriage always.

• May the Lord grace you with strong love, comfort, wisdom, and mercy.

• Praying that God will bless you two with a lifetime of joy, laughter, and unconditional love.

• May the Lord grant you strength, courage, and joy as you embark on this journey together.

• May the Lord be with you to provide joy and blessings on your special day.

• Praying for God’s richest blessings in your lives together.

Words of Encouragement

You can reach the engaged couple’s hearts with kind words of encouragement. Acknowledge the hard work and dedication it takes to be in a long-term relationship by writing sentimental phrases like:

• You’ve found the one, may the rest of your lives be happy and content.

• Congratulations on taking the next step in your love story.

• As two halves unite, may your future be forever bright!

• May you still be best friends and lovers in every way.

• As you take these important steps together, wishing you blessings and a beautiful future.

• Looking forward to celebrating the two of you uniting in love and marriage.

• May hardship bring you closer together and may joys be shared in abundance.

• As you prepare this new path together, best wishes and lots of love.

• May nothing dull the sparkle that warms your hearts.

Humorous and Quirky Messages

If the couple has a sense of humor, you can put a little laughter in your engagement congratulation with a few of these whimsical (yet tasteful) messages:

• It takes two special people to make an “us” — Congratulations.

• A wedding is in the near future, so buckle up for the ride!

• You’ve popped the question, now the real fun can begin.

• You’re in it for life now, no returns or exchanges allowed!

• It looks like someone said “Yes!”

• It’s not just a simple wedding, it’s a grand adventure.

• Enjoy this exciting time in your life, you deserve it!

• The question has been popped, now time for the party to start.

• Congratulations on making it official.

• Cheers to the couple most likely to ride off into the sunset together.

• As two lives become one, enjoy the ride.

Gift Suggestions

It’s customary to send a gift along with an engagement card, so consider these ideas when picking out the perfect present:

• A wedding scrapbook, to store the small moments and big memories throughout the years.

• A spa package, to help the lovebirds relax and not stress about the upcoming wedding.

• Personalized home décor, providing a daily reminder of their special bond and everlasting love.

• Champagne flutes, to cheer and toast to the beautiful bride and groom.

• A romantic dinner certificate, to help the couple celebrate in style.

• An online subscription to a streaming service, to enjoy by the fire or movie night in the comfort of their home.

• A year of date nights, to help keep the spark alive.

• A thoughtful piece of jewelry, like a necklace featuring both their initials or a necklace with a “love Knot”.

• His and hers coffee cups, to enjoy hot morning drinks together.

• A personalized keepsake box, to store mementos from their celebration or wedding.

• A nice bottle of wine or a gift card to shop for their favorite vintage.

Writing Tips

When writing heartfelt messages to accompany your engagement card, keep the following tips in mind:

• To make your words more relatable, use your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

• Keep it personal by addressing the couple by name.

• Instead of addressing the couple, you can preface with “To the newly engaged” or “To the blushing bride and handsome groom”.

• Show your enthusiasm with words like Amazing! Wonderful! Magnificent!

• Use addresses like my dears, sweethearts, hearts, and darling, for a more romantic tone.

• Don’t forget to offer your help in the wedding-planning process.

• Avoid clichés and sappiness, opt for something more original and sincere.

• Add a special touch by adding a funny memory of the couple.

The couple’s engagement is an exciting accomplishment! Show them your support and wish them the best as they plan their special event by sending a personalized engagement card. Writing something on an engagement card can be difficult, so use these messages of joy and love, encouraging words, and quirky humor to let them know how much you appreciate this life milestone. Gifts and well-wishes are sure to put a happy smile on the soon-to-be newlyweds’ faces and make them feel the unconditional love from their family and friends. Whether you go for sentimental, serious, or funny, your message and gift will come from the heart and go a long way.

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