When it comes to television and movies, Betty White is a renowned and beloved icon who has brought laughter, joy, and plenty of smiles to generations of viewers. Boasting a career that spans over seven decades, her titles range from acting in hit films to producing long-running television series. Whether you want to share a classic with family, laugh out loud with friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time watching Betty White at her best, we’ve compiled a list of some of her most entertaining films that are sure to put a smile on your face.

The Golden Girls

Betty White’s most iconic role was that of Rose Nylund in the classic 1980s sitcom, The Golden Girls. It was here that White truly crafted her unique sense of humor and sharp-witted delivery. This beloved show centers around four older women who are all friends and share separate rooms in a spacious home located in Miami, Florida. White plays the part of Rose, a lovable character with a thick Minnesota accent and innocence that often leads her astray from the other three characters. In each episode, viewers can find White bringing in those classic one-liners and hearty laughs that make The Golden Girls truly special.

Hot In Cleveland

White followed up her role in The Golden Girls with another classic TV series, Hot in Cleveland, which aired on TV Land. In this series, she starred alongside famously known actresses Valerie Bertanelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick in a show that pays homage to the classic sitcoms of the past. The show follows these three friends who move to Cleveland, Ohio, and quickly discover that they were able to become minor celebrities. Betty White stars as Elka Ostrovsky, a quirky and often outrageous friend who has many secrets of her own. With a perfect mixture of White’s sass and sarcasm, Hot In Cleveland is sure to put a smile on your face.

Lake Placid

What would a list of Betty White movies be without her mastery performance in 1999’s horror-comedy, Lake Placid? Not only does White deliver her signature personas with ease, but also a hint of campy campiness that can only be found in classic horror films. In this movie, White plays Mrs. Delores Bickerman, a thrilled widow who’s a bit suspicious of the series of events that follow after a giant crocodile appears in a small lakeside town. Though it may not be for everyone, Lake Placid is certainly worth a watch for those looking for a good chuckle.

The Proposal

In 2009’s rom-com The Proposal, White stars as though boss of Sandra Bullock in a tale of unlikely love. Facing deportation, Bullock’s character, Margaret Tate, proposes to her assistant, Andrew Paxton (played by Ryan Reynolds). White plays the role of Grandma Annie, Paxton’s grandmother and the keeper of many family secrets. With a hilarious dynamic of White and the other two leads, The Proposal is sure to make you smile with its witty one-liners and atypical romance.

The Story of Us

Though it is sometimes overlooked, The Story of Us provided a unique opportunity for White to showcase her range of comedic talent. This film features Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer who, after fifteen years of being together, decide to take a trial separation. White stars as the couple’s wise and goofy neighbor, Rita, who brings a nostalgic sensibility to the story. With a feel-good nature and some big celebrity names, The Story of Us offers all the feel-good vibes needed for a comforting movie night.

Betty White is an iconic Hollywood talent who has been delivering smiles to audiences worldwide for decades. Whether you’re looking to settle in with an unforgettable classic TV series or need a feel-good movie night to wind down with, there’s a Betty White movie out there to enjoy. When looking for a good laugh, these are some of White’s most memorable roles that will certainly provide plenty of smiles!

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