Tinder is a modern dating app that has exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way that people find each other and interact, allowing them to directly engage with matches by swiping left or right. The concept is simple: users create a profile, which includes photos and some short biographical information and then swipe through a collection of potential matches located nearby. When swiping right, a match is made and users may communicate directly with one another.

The Purpose of Swiping Right and What it Means

Swiping right is done to indicate interest in another user and opens up their profile to interaction on the app. It’s pretty straightforward, although just how and when to do it can be tricky when using Tinder etiquette.

Tinder Etiquette: Understanding the Online Dating Community

When it comes to online dating and the Tinder platform specifically, there is an unspoken etiquette that must be observed. That is, the etiquette of swiping right and communication on the app. Swiping right the wrong way, at the wrong time and in the wrong place will throw a wet blanket over your chances of getting a good Tinder match and may even lead to some awkward and potentially embarrassing conversations.

When to Swipe Right

It may sound obvious, but swiping right should always only happen when you are genuinely interested in an individual. Racking up a large number of matches in pursuit of chatting to as many people as possible isn’t the way to win over anyone’s heart. Instead, be sure to focus in on a few people with whom you’d actually like to communicate, rather than concentrating on quantity.

When Not to Swipe Right

Just as important as understanding when to swipe right, is understanding when not to do so. For one thing, don’t until like you are swiping through a deck of cards; take time to study the photos and read the description of the person for whom you’re considering taking the leap. Additionally, avoid swiping right just because you’re bored. If you’re randomly swiping on people who you’d not even ask out of a real-life situation, then the whole sense of dating has been lost and this should be remembered when interacting on the app.

Send the Right Type of First Message

Assuming you have followed the steps above and have someone you are interested in, what next? First, consider the type of opening message that you are likely to send. A good initial message is succinct, interesting, and professional. Don’t make the mistake of sending cheesy lines or sexually suggestive messages; this is likely to reflect poorly and cast yourself in an unfavourable light.

In general, the following list can be used as a reliable guide to sending a successful opening message:

• Introduce yourself – Mention your name and don’t be afraid to be a bit creative;

• State your compliment – Tell your possible match something you like about how they look or what they’ve written in their bio;

• Ask a question – Try to make it open-ended and give them a chance to engage in a conversation;

• Be Punctual – Make sure you check for a response before sending a new message or moving the conversation onto something else.

Handle the Chat Well

Ok, you’ve made it past the introduction, and now it is time to start chatting in earnest. In order to properly handle the conversation and make sure it is going in a good direction, the following should be observed:

• Show Interest – Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be engaged in the conversation;

• Take Initiative – Don’t be afraid to suggest a meetup or activity if it fits into the natural progress of the conversation;

• Listen – Make sure you are paying attention to what your potential match is saying and look for common interests to further expand the conversation;

• Don’t Be Sexual – It is important to remember that Tinder is an app for dating, not for hookups, and that there is a time and place for everything.

Give and Take Conversation

A great Tinder chat should be like a tennis match; you’ll make your point, they’ll make theirs, and then you move the conversation on. Too often, the conversation can become one-sided with the same user asking all the questions. This is certainly no way to keep your potential match engaged, so mix it up and make sure you are both contributing to the conversation.

Keep the Conversation Going

A conversation that keeps on going is often a good indication that two users, whether they met on Tinder or otherwise, are enjoying each other’s company. Aim to keep the conversation going with some of the following tips:

• Try Out Different Topics – Discuss the things that matter to you, like music and books you like;

• Focus on the Positive – During a chat, talk about the things that you have in common and the similarities between each other;

• End on the Right Note – When it is the time to part ways, express that you have enjoyed the conversation and be sure to leave them with a good impression of yourself.

Tinder has certainly revolutionized the way in which people find each other, but it is important to know the etiquette of the app before diving in. Remember that swiping right should only happen if you are genuinely interested, and use your matches to engage in good, polite conversation. Knowing and sticking to the right guidelines is the key to success when it comes to communicating on Tinder, so make sure you are in the know before interaction.

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