In recent years, Kristen Stewart has become one of Hollywood’s brightest leading ladies, starring in major feature films both in the realm of action and drama. From appearing in box-office juggernauts to starring in indie projects, the former ‘Twilight’ star has demonstrated her versatility as an actress with a wide range of performance styles. Here are some of the most impactful Kristen Stewart movies which showcase her capability in both subtle and diverse roles.


The supernatural vampire romance Twilight launched Kristen Stewart’s career and she quickly gained fame playing teenage heroine Bella Swan. Stewart’s stunning performance of a woman struggling between an intense human love and an unbreakable bond with a vampire effectively captivated the movie-going audience. While some of Stewart’s post-Twilight performances were an intentional departure from this iconic role, audiences worldwide still recognize her performances in the five Twilight films.

Panic Room

Jodie Foster helmed this 2002 psychological thriller where Stewart starred as Foster’s daughter, Meg Altman. Panic Room explores the dangers of being a single parent and the limits of a mother’s protection over her daughter. Stewart demonstrated her talent as a young actress, showing the fear, resilience, and strength required to protect her family. This role marked a particularly memorable performance as a resourceful young person and earned her a Young Artist Award nomination.


One of the most endearing Kristen Stewart films is Adventureland, the 2009 romantic comedy starring celebrated actors Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Wiig. Stewart’s performance as a 20-something college student still coming to terms with her teenage years stands out as a relatable, comedic performance. As one of her first lead performances in an independent feature film, Stewart immediately won over audiences and critics for her stellar performance.

The Runaways

The 2010 biopic The Runaways focused on influential punk rock band The Runaways, from their formation to their eventual disbandment when the bandmates went their separate ways. Stewart starred as lead singer Joan Jett, who struggled to break through the sexist music industry of the 1970s. Her role called for a definite change in performance style, as Kristen Stewart had to capture the rebel spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. With a unique performance style, Stewart quickly earned praise that undeniably crowned her as one of the brightest young actresses in the industry.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Kristen Stewart won her first major award in this 2014 romantic drama, portraying a assistant of celebrated actress Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche). The role calls for Stewart to be an active observer, and the actress capably plays the straight man to an incredible performance by Binoche. Cloud of Sils Maria also marks Stewart’s first César Award, showing her ability to both star as a leading actress and portray supporting roles to further stories.

Café Society

Café Society marks one of Kristen Stewart’s most magnetic performances, pining after Woody Allen’s character and displaying the charm that heralds a star. Stewart’s performance as the sexy yet stylish Vonnie stands out from her other roles because of the flirtatious nature of her character and her engaging presence, notably during a steamy argument scene with co-star Jesse Eisenberg.

Personal Shopper

This eerie independent film tells the story of Maureen, played by Kristen Stewart who returns to Paris after the death of her twin brother. During her time in Paris, Stewart’s character embarks on a journey of self-exploration, searching for answers and clues to recreate the bond she shared with her brother. Personal Shopper saw her dexterously moving between speaking French and English, in addition to playing a troubled but still sympathetic romantic lead.

JT LeRoy

With JT Leroy, Kristen Stewart plays the melancholy Savannah Knoop, the sister of writer Laura Albert (Laura Dern). This biographical film was also based on Knoop’s popular novel Girl Boy Girl: How I Became JT Leroy. Stewart’s performance as the introspective and guarded Knoop saw her receiving critical acclaim for her deeply affecting performance.

In her relatively short career, Kristen Stewart has demonstrated outstanding versatility as an actress—from playing a vampire heroine to a struggling single parent. Whether starring in independent features or box office blockbusters, she continues to prove her capabilities in a variety of roles. These eight Kristen Stewart movies are a beautiful testament to her ability to deliver spellbinding performances time and time again.

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