If you’re a fashionista who craves to be on the cutting edge of style, then knowing the latest hair trends is essential. From the temporary, to sophisticated and classic looks, the trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date to ensure that you’re always looking your best. Here we take a look at the latest styles and techniques for keeping your hair looking fabulous.

What Are the Latest Hair Trending Styles?

This season, it’s all about embracing natural beauty with a modern twist, which can be achieved through various long and short hairstyles. Here are some of the latest looks:

  1. Shag Hairstyles

This style has been seen on the likes of Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale, and Emily Ratajkowski. A shag can be short or long – whatever you choose, this hair trend involves layers and texture. The messy, piecey look puts a fresh twist on the traditional bob, making it extra edgy and fun.

  1. Curly Bobs

The curly bob is one of the most popular styles right now and can be adjusted to fit any face shape. For those with naturally curly hair, this look is ideal, but if you have straight hair, there are many styling methods you can use to create the desired effect.

  1. Textured Lob

The Lob is a mid-length style for those who want something in between long, and shoulder-length hair. For this look, styling with a dry texturizing spray is key to achieve the perfect tousled look.

  1. Braids

Braids are a style that never goes out of fashion, but with new techniques and trends, you can really make a statement. From French braids, to fishtails and Dutch braids, you can create looks for any occasion and with a few simple steps, you can keep your mane looking fresh.

  1. Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a classic look, that’s been around for a while, but is still one of the hottest trends. With this style, you want to aim for sharp, clean lines and little to no layering, ensuring that your locks maintain their shape even when they grow out. For this look, styling with a round brush is essential to ensure a sleek finish.

Top Techniques and Products for Getting the Look

To ensure that all the latest hair trends look their best, it’s important to know exactly how to style and maintain them. Here are some techniques and products that you need to include in your hair care routine.

  1. Invest In Quality Hair Tools

For a professional finish, purchasing quality hair tools such as a straightener, curler, and blow dryer, is essential. This will ensure that you can create the desired effect with precision.

  1. Use the Right Products

Using the right products is the key to achieving healthy and stylish hair. Start with a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically designed for your hair type and make sure that you’re using the correct styling product for your look.

  1. Utilize Texturizing Spray

For looks such as shags and lobs, texturizing spray and sea salt sprays should be used to create the perfect effortless and carefree look. This will also ensure that your style lasts all day.

  1. Protect Your Hair

Before you start styling, you must make sure to protect your hair from heat damage. Use a heat protectant spray before applying any heat-based tools and invest in quality hair masks to ensure that your locks stay healthy and hydrated.

  1. Keep Up Regular Haircare Routines

To maintain healthy hair, make sure that you’re using the best haircare routines such as using steam treatments, avoiding washing your hair daily, and sticking with minimal styling.

From shags to curly bobs, and textured lobs, there’s lots of exciting styles and techniques to experiment with. To get the most out of your new look, make sure that you’re investing in the right products, tools and techniques to ensure that your hair is always looking perfect!

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