As far as filmography is concerned, there is no doubt that movie characters have played an integral part in the success and popularity of any movie. Some of the movie characters are so unique and popular that they have become iconic and memorable characters in the history of cinema. This article explores the wide range of movie characters that have been portrayed in filmographies all over the world. It looks into the different ways these characters have been crafted, their purpose and impact on a film’s success, and their influence on the audience.

Defining What Counts as “Character”
When talking about characters in filmography, it’s important to know what actually counts when referring to a character. In the context of movies, a character is someone who is portrayed by an actor/actress, has a speaking role in the movie, and is integral to the plot. It’s also important to note that some characters are more memorable than others.

Types of Movie Characters
There are several different types of characters that can appear in a movie. Each of these characters help to create the world of the movie and bring to life the characters within it. Here is a list of the four main types of movie characters that you may encounter in a filmography:

  1. Protagonist – The main character of the story, usually the hero or heroine of the movie. In most cases, the protagonist is the character who drives the plot forward and is the main source of conflict.

  2. Antagonist – The opposition to the protagonist’s goals or plans. The antagonist may be a human being or an entity such as an animal or force of nature. The antagonist’s goal may be to obstruct the main character’s dream.

  3. Secondary Character – A character that helps the protagonist in achieving their goal. They may take on a villainous role or be a supporting character that provides guidance or comic relief.

  4. Minor Character – Minor characters are those who are portrayed by non-speaking actors or actresses. These characters may hold a small part in the plot or may simply provide background information.

Purpose of Movie Characters
A movie character’s purpose may vary depending on the direction of the plot and what their role is in the movie. A character may be an essential part of the plot or may just be there to create a character’s backstory. In any event, a well-crafted character should be able to evoke emotions in the audience and make them feel something. Here are some of the common reasons why movie characters exist:

  1. To Make the Plot Come Alive – Movie characters are used to bring the plot to life. A well-crafted character helps the audience understand what is going on in the story as well as helping them to connect with the character’s journey.

  2. To Evoke Emotions – By creating a character who is relatable and believable, a movie can evoke strong emotions from an audience. Characters that the audience can relate to or that evoke an emotional response can help carry a movie to success.

  3. To Create Conflict – Characters are essential to a plot that has conflict. By creating characters who are opposites or have conflicting goals, the plot is given conflict, which in turn adds drama and excitement to the plot.

  4. To Draw Audiences In – By creating a believable character with a unique backstory, an audience is more likely to be drawn into the story, since they can relate to the character. Movie characters that the audience can sympathize with are powerful tools in keeping the audience engaged.

Memorable Movie Characters
Throughout history, there have been many memorable movie characters that have left an indelible mark on their respective filmographies. Whether it’s for their iconic lines, likeness, or emotional connection to the audience, these characters have made their mark and will forever be remembered in pop culture. Here are some examples of famous movie characters that have been etched into the minds of movie-goers:

  1. Scarlett O’Hara – Scarlett O’Hara is one of the most iconic characters in filmography. The character was first seen in the movie Gone With the Wind, and has since become a beloved classic due to her strong will and determination.

  2. Dorothy Gale – Dorothy Gale is a beloved character from the classic The Wizard of Oz. This character was incredibly relatable and was able to evoke an emotional response from the audience, making her one of the most memorable characters of all time.

  3. Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones is an adventurous character that has been featured in a number of movies. His magnetic personality, courage and wit make him one of the most iconic characters in film history.

  4. Captain Jack Sparrow – Captain Jack Sparrow is an iconic character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. His unconventional behavior, humorous wit and devilish charm have made him one of the most memorable characters of the franchise.

  5. Batman – Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time. His dark and brooding nature and back story have made him one of the most iconic characters in filmography.

Impact of Movie Characters
Having a successful and iconic character in a filmography can have many positive impacts on the movie’s success. Movie characters can be the key to drawing in an audience and can be essential in creating an emotional connection between the audience and the story. Here are some of the positive impact that iconic characters can have on a film:

  1. Increase in Audience Interest – Memorable characters can increase the interest of the audience in the movie, as well as increase their anticipation for the next film. This can in turn lead to more money for the movie and its franchise.

  2. Improved Storytelling – By creating a recognizable character, the movie can have a stronger story because it will seem more real and believable. Iconic characters can add dimension to a film and make the audience more invested in the plot.

  3. Brand Recognition – Iconic movie characters are often well-known figures in popular culture and can be used to increase the popularity of a product affiliated with them. For example, Batman has become synonymous with the DC universe, and his likeness is used heavily to market merchandise.

Movie characters are essential to the success of any movie. They drive the plot, evoke emotions in the audience, and can even be the key to creating a successful franchise. Filmographies all over the world have been shaped by iconic characters and their iconic themes, lines, and personalities. Finding the right character that resonates with the audience is essential to making a movie successful.

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