Movies have been a go-to source of entertainment that has been undisputedly enjoyed by people through the years. One unique movie director that has been captivating audiences of all ages is Woody Allen. Every film he makes is a fusion of captivating humor, clever dialogue, and creative narrative. Within the library of films he has directed, a few of his films make you think. This article will explore Woody Allen films that will make you think.

What Is The Vision Of Woody Allen?

Woody Allen has been a movie icon since 1965 when his first feature film, What’s New Pussycat?, was released. His films often revolve around the complexity of life and its themes of humor, loss, love, regret, and relationships. This particularly reflects in the films he makes that will make you think. Allen’s films will often center around an intellectual or philosophical point of view, which helps the audience to form their own opinions and interpretations of his films.

Famous Woody Allen Films That Will Make You Think

  1. Annie Hall (1977)

One of the most well-known films Allen has made, Annie Hall follows the story of a neurotic comedy writer, Alvy Singer, and his relationship with Annie Hall. The film follows Alvy as he comes to terms with the changes in his relationship and their eventual break up. The film has a philosophical edge that is used to explore the relation of romantic relationships and the idea of love.

  1. Manhattan (1979)

Manhattan is one of the greatest films that Woody Allen has ever made. The movie follows the story of Isaac, a divorced comedy writer, who is in a complicated relationship with a college student named Tracy. The film many themes such as ambition and relationships. Manhattan also explores the concept of how emotions are essential to make decisions.

  1. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

Crimes and Misdemeanors follows the story of Judah, an ophthalmologist, who is tempted to have his mistress killed to keep her from revealing their affair to his wife. The film looks at the complexities between the relationships of the characters and explores the idea of justice and morality.

  1. Match Point (2005)

Match Point follows the story of a former professional tennis player who marries a wealthy socialite. The plot thickens as he falls for his brother-in-law’s mistress and eventually kills her to keep her from revealing his affair. The film also follows the consequences of his decisions and how crime has a way of ever catching up with you. Match Point is a suspenseful film that will make you think about the intricate relationship between morality and ambition.

  1. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris follows the story of a family vacationing in the magical city of Paris. Gil, a screenwriter, is taken aback by a mystical journey of meeting and spending time in the company of writers and artists of the roaring twenties. The film is a love letter of sorts, in which Woody Allen reflects on the past and how it can inspire dreams and aspirations. This unique story backed by an interesting dialogue, allows the viewers to contemplate on the divisions of the past, present, and future.

Woody Allen’s filmography contains a plethora of wonderful films that will make any moviegoer think, regardless of their age. For instance, Annie Hall is a classic, showcasing Allen’s vision of the fragility of relationships, alongside Manhattan and Match Point which respectively explore ambition and justice. Crimes and Misdemeanors is a crime-drama that will make you reassess your own moral code, whereas, Midnight in Paris is a trip into the past that explores the inspiration it has left through the years in its viewers. No matter which film you end up watching, all of these Woody Allen Movies That Will Make You Think will cause a spark of inspiration and thought in you.

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