Happiness is often inquired about and searched for; however, it may be most valuable to understand what makes the happiest women happy and how anyone can embody those traits. Research is proving that while nurture and environment have an influence on one’s happiness, nature also plays a large role. Everyone can decide to be happy, and the following are several distinct attributes that the most jubilant women have in common.

  1. Gratitude

The first trait every happy woman has is an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness for life and all that it offers. Not taking things for granted goes a long way in achieving total serenity and undeniably impacts the level of contentment, joy, and general satisfaction. Instead of concentrating on all the negative elements of life, these women accept, embrace and acknowledge all of the positive elements and the things that could be worse.

  1. Self-Awareness

Happy women also demonstrate an understanding of their inner feelings and emotions and they recognize and accept their strengths and limitations. This high level of self-awareness allows them to respond intelligently and thoughtfully to different situations and not react impulsively. Additionally, they’re willing to take full responsibility for their actions and operate with composure and poise.

  1. Positive Self-Talk

Happy and confident women know the power of speaking positive words to themselves, which is an instrumental part of achieving happiness. Rather than beating themselves up with negative self-talk, they repeat affirmations and encouraging statements to themselves, even in the face of challenges, instead of settling for a pessimistic outlook. This allows them to remain strong, resilient and push through in difficult times.

  1. Self-Care

The happiest women also understand and embrace the importance of self-care, which enables them to stay energized. They make it a point to fill their lives with the things that make them feel good in healthy ways, such as exercising, spending time with loved ones, getting sufficient sleep, engaging in hobbies, and setting aside time for relaxation and contentment.

  1. Optimism

It’s easy to expect the worst, but the most exuberant women stay positive and look beyond the current drama, struggles and suffering. They’re always looking on the bright side and have a way of turning unpleasant situations into teachable and positive experiences. Because they look on the nicer side of things and tend to expect the best outcome, they’re rarely ever disappointed.

  1. Practicing Kindness

In addition to having an optimistic outlook, the happiest women are mindful of practicing kindness and compassion towards others. It’s a natural part of their make-up to offer love, affection and understanding towards others in generous forms. They naturally extend help to those in need and spread warmth to everyone that interacts with them.

  1. Setting Goals

The most contented women understand that setting goals for themselves is important for achieving true joy. They acknowledge that success is never truly solidified until goals are reached and will continuously strive to reach each one in an empowered way that gives them a purpose and direction.

  1. Living in the Moment

Finally, the happiest women fully understand how to take pleasure in life’s simple and minute moments and understand that happiness is derived from those good times regardless of external successes or accomplishments. They’re not looking for life-changing moments for their contentment, but instead focus on what can be appreciated right here and now.

These traits of the happiest women certainly don’t simply happen overnight; they’re cultivated and developed over time. The important thing is to remember that happiness is an ultimate choice and anyone can choose to cultivate these qualities and experience joy.

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