The classic movie genre has seen some of the most iconic and beloved films throughout history, playing an integral part in pop culture and the way we still appreciate and celebrate film today. We’ve witnessed some of the greatest directors, actors, and storytellers of all time grace the big screen with their timeless tales and masterful filmmaking. Whether it be films such as Gone with the Wind and The Godfather that have become staples of the classic genre, or films such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park that have gone on to become massive franchises with worldwide cult followings—these films have been more than just delightful movie-viewing experiences to many generations. 

They’ve gone on to become integral parts of our culture, renowned and celebrated for their impact and wildly entertaining stories, still watched and discussed to this day.

Movie Classics that have Offered a Timeless Perspective

Many films have become beloved classics over the years, impacting the world in terms of storytelling, cinematography, acting, and music. Movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, and Citizen Kane have all provided a timeless perspective on relationships, justice and morality. We’ve been able to connect with the characters and their stories on a deeply emotional level, allowing us to gain insight and enjoy the journey of their incredible and captivating arcs.

These films have impacted us as a society, encouraging us to reflect and think in ways we previously may not have. We could relate and be reminded of our own feelings and experiences, while still being captivated by the story itself. The way these films talk to us in a way that is still open to interpretation is why they remain timeless classics that are forever watched and studied throughout the generations.

Movies That Have Entertained Over Time

In addition to those films that have become timeless classics due to their influence, we’ve also been blessed with films that stand the test of time thanks to their entertainment factor alone. Movies such as The Wizard of Oz, The Princess Bride, Toy Story, and Ghostbusters have offered us a delightfully hilarious escape from our day-to-day lives that always stole hearts whenever they hit the big screen. These films inspired us to laugh, to cheer and shout at the incredibly endearing characters, and we’ve been watching and loving them for years.

These films still remain incredibly popular, whether it be adults reigniting the nostalgia of the films from their childhood, or introducing them to children of their own and having them fall in love with them just like they did. Due to their magnificent humor, exciting action set pieces, and endearing characters, they are guaranteed to make us laugh, smile, and just have a simply wonderful time.

Why Timeless Classics Still Resonate with Us Today

So why do these films remain so beloved after all these years? The answer is simple: they are special. These films don’t rely on the same storytelling mechanics, the same characters, or even the same style as today’s films. They provide something that modern films can’t quite replicate—an atmosphere of true nostalgia.

When we watch these movies, we are taken back to a simpler time, where our worries were few and we were only focused on having fun. We find solace in the charming innocence of these films, knowing that the characters will eventually go on to triumph due to their immense courage and kind hearts. We are re-inspired by their cheerfulness and assured in the knowledge that good will prevail.

This is the true power of timeless classics—they are a reminder of our own values, of the power of hope and kindness over all else, and a wonderful way to be taken away from the mundane while appreciating the lovable and lovely sides of humanity.

Best Movies of the Last Century

We’d like to pay tribute to the best movies of the last 100 years by taking a look at some of the most beloved classics across genres and time.


Gone With the Wind
This 1939 masterpiece is an enduring classic, a swoon-worthy epic romance between Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara set against the backdrop of the Civil War. It’s still hailed as one of the greatest films of all time.

The Bogart-Bergman classic features a timeless story of romance, moral dilemmas and cynical humor. It’s an all-time great, and a staple of the classic movie era.

Citizen Kane
This 1941 film, based on the life of media mogul William Randolph Hearst, is an astonishing tour de force of cinematography, acting, and storytelling. It remains a masterpiece of the early film era.


The Princess Bride
This 1987 classic follows a young farmhand who sets out to rescue his one true love from a series of farcical obstacles. With its witty dialogue and charmingly eccentric characters, it’s one of the most beloved comedies of all time.

The 1984 comedy about a trio of paranormal investigators who take on ghosts and other supernatural creatures is still hilarious to this day, and has gone on to become one of the biggest franchises in movie history.

Toy Story
This 1995 Pixar classic is a crucial milestone in the history of animation. It was the first out of many tender and wildly entertaining computer-animated films that revolutionized the industry and won the hearts of millions.


Star Wars
The galaxy far, far away remains one of the most beloved and celebrated sci-fi universes ever created. This 1977 film, and its many sequels and spinoffs, have gone on to become one of the most profitable franchises of all time.

Blade Runner
The 1982 Ridley Scott classic follows a protagonist who discovers a grim and dark future of robot slavery in a dystopian world, and challenges us to consider the future possibilities of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Jurassic Park
This 1993 thrillride is still adored to this day, telling the tale of a comically disastrous theme park run by dinosaurs. It’s a fun and exciting adventure that has become a beloved classic in the world of sci-fi.

Movie classics are an incredible part of our culture, allowing us to reflect and enjoy their iconic stories and characters for generations. Whether it be due to their inspiring stories, hilarious antics, breathtaking visuals or unabashedly heroic protagonists, these films have become timeless classics that will never be forgotten. They are stories that have infected the minds of entire nations, encouraging us to reflect and question in ways we never have before. Movies have the power to make us feel, understand and connect with each other, to celebrate the upbeat, the comedic, and the heartfelt–in essence, to give us faith in humanity and joy in entertainment.

These timeless classics will continue to be celebrated and watched throughout the years, and we are simply grateful that such remarkable films continue to grace our screens.

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