When picking the perfect haircut for your face shape, the possibilities really are endless. However, some haircuts just work better for certain face shapes than others. You want a haircut that flatters your features, highlights your best attributes and works with your lifestyle. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but knowing which haircuts flatter your face shape can give you a starting point and point you in the right direction. To help you on your hair journey, here is an overview of the perfect haircut for your face shape.

Round Face Shapes

Round face shapes have a fullness to them. The overall width and length are the almost the same, resulting in minimal angles and curves. The goal with round face shape haircuts is to create angles and definition with the cut. Here are some of the best haircuts for round face shapes:

• Long Layered: Long layers help to create definition as well as movement for round face shapes.

• Pixie Cut: Picking a longer pixie cut allows for some definition around the forehead and jawline, whilst still keeping your hair looking soft. Just remember to keep some length on the top so you don’t end up with a flat look.

• Side-Swept Bangs: Side-swept bangs will provide the illusion of angular lines, helping to make the face appear more oval.

• Asymmetric Cut: An asymmetric haircut can help create balance for round faces. Ask your stylist for choppy layers to add some volume around the sides of the face.

Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shapes are slightly longer than round faces, with a smaller forehead and a jawline that tapers at the end. With oval face shapes, you want to create a look that is soft and flattering. Here are some of the best haircuts for oval face shapes:

• Curly Layers: Curly layers add fullness and a bit of sexiness to any oval face shape.

• Side Swept Waves: Long side swept waves or curls will flatter the face shape and adds movement and fullness.

• Long Cuts: If your hair is thick, a long cut can help to draw attention away from the length of the face.

• Side Part: Going in with a deep side part will help to break up the length of the face and adds some dimension to the look.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart face shapes are characterised by a broad forehead and high cheekbones. The jawline then tapers out at the end, making the face shape look like a heart. When picking a cut for a heart face shape, the goal is to create balance. Here are some of the best haircuts for heart face shapes:

• Side-Swept Fringes: Side-swept fringes help to draw attention away from the broad forehead and softens the jawline.

• Shoulder-Length Layers: Shoulder-length layers help to balance out the features, whilst the length keeps the look soft and feminine.

• Bobs: A classic bob is a great way to slim down the face shape and draw attention away from the cheeks.

• Short Pixie: A short pixie cut can help to define the jawline and emphasise the cheekbones.

Square Face Shapes

Square face shapes are angular and have a strong jawline. The best haircuts for square face shapes will focus on softening the angles of the jawline and creating movement, making the face shape appear more oval. Here are some of the best haircuts for square face shapes:

• Layers: Layers help to soften the angles and create movement around the face shape.

• Long Bob: A long bob helps to balance out the features and creates a more oval shape.

• Soft Curls: Soft curls are a great way to soften the look and draw the attention away from the jawline.

• Asymmetric Cut: An asymmetric cut helps to break up the lines and add some angular movement to the cut.

Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and jawline, with high cheekbones being the widest point. The goal with diamond face shapes is to create a look that is soft and emphasises the cheekbones. Here are some of the best haircuts for diamond face shapes:

• Layered Pixie: A layered pixie cut helps to create texture and movement, and they look great on diamond face shapes.

• Angled Bob: An angled bob will draw attention to the cheekbones and the chin, making the face appear more oval.

• Wispy Fringe: Wispy fringe helps to draw attention to the eyes and balance out the forehead.

• Side Part: Going in with a deep side part helps to create depth and draw attention away from the jawline.

Selecting the perfect haircut for your face shape can be a daunting task, but if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a hairstyle that flatters your features and accentuates your best attributes. Ultimately, the best way to find your perfect hairstyle is to experiment and have fun. What looks amazing on someone else, may not necessarily look good on you, so follow your gut instinct and find something that you love. Good luck!

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