Beauty trends are always changing, and one area that is constantly evolving is hair color. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a vivid pop of color, stay classic with shades of brown, or take a bold step into blonde, hair color is a great way to express yourself. Some of the most beautiful hair colors to try come in every shape, size, and hue — from a golden blonde to an icy white, there’s something for everyone.

No matter what you’re looking for, the following list of hair color trends has something for everyone.

Golden Blonde

A classic and timeless color to achieve, the golden blonde look has been a trend for years. It’s a great way to add warmth and light to your hair, and can be enhanced with some caramel or honey-hued highlights.

Strawberry Blonde

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your hair color, strawberry blonde is the perfect choice. It’s a perfect blend of red and blonde that looks natural and flattering, no matter what skin tone you have.


Ombre can create the perfect blend between two shades of the same color, or provide a beautiful transition between two different hues. It also allows you to experiment and change your look, without having to commit to one color all the time.

Icy Blonde

For a more modern take on blonde, icy blonde is a great option. This looks like a light shade of blonde with a blue, white, or grey shimmer. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to go too bright with their hair but still want to stand out from the crowd.

Smokey Grey

If you’re feeling daring and bold, then smokey grey is the hair color for you. This is a great way to embrace gray without looking washed out, and it adds a subtle edge and depth to your look.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a color that can seem intimidating at first glance, but when done right it can be stunning. This delicate and beautiful hair color looks like a blend of pink, red, and gold, and it’s a great way to be on-trend and show off your personality.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a daring color to commit to and can require a lot of upkeep. However, this intense and icy hair color looks amazing and is sure to turn heads.


For those wanting to make a statement with their hair color, violet is the perfect choice. This bright and beautiful shade looks amazing on almost any skin tone and it’s sure to help you stand out from the crowd.


Cinnamon is a beautiful shade of brunette that is warm and inviting. It looks great with any length of hair, and it adds a subtle richness to any look.

Jet Black

For those who really want to make a statement with their hair, jet black is the way to go. This intense shade of black looks amazing on any hair type and it’s sure to be dramatic.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Hair Color For You

Now that you’ve seen some of the most beautiful hair colors to try, here are some tips for finding the perfect hair color for you.

• Find Inspiration: Start by collecting some inspiration by looking at pictures of celebrities, fashion editorials, and makeup looks that feature hair color that you like.

• Visit a Salon: Visiting a salon is a great way to get advice on which hair color is best for you. Be sure to make an appointment with a professional who is knowledgeable about color and can help find the perfect shade for you.

• Test Colors First: Before committing to a hair color, try testing out some of the different shades first. You can do this by using some temporary coloring products, such as hair chalk, or using color sprays to try out different looks. It’s always best to make sure you love the color before taking a plunge.

• Consider Maintenance: Before investing in a hair color, be sure to consider how much maintenance it will take. If you’re not confident in your skills to dye and maintain your hair, it might be better to opt for a color that’s more low-maintenance, like browns or blondes.

• Be Confident: When it comes to finding the perfect hair color, confidence is key. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement with your look — after all, your hair is a reflection of you and your personality, so make sure you love it!

Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or something bold, the above most beautiful hair colors to try have something for everyone. From golden blondes to smoky grays, you’re sure to find something that you love. So go ahead and try something new, and have some fun with your look!

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