The classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, created by Disney in 1991, is beloved by viewers of all ages. It’s tale of transformation, courage, and true love captivated audiences when it was released and has still held its place in many hearts. The live-action adaptation which was released in 2017 draws upon similar themes, but the original version has something about it that fans can’t help but love.

Part of this original movie’s draw is its amazing cast of characters, which are brought to life by the talented actors from the classic animation. So, let’s take a look at who was part of the incredible cast of Beauty and the Beast (1994).

The Main Characters


Belle is a beautiful, strong-willed, headstrong young woman who dreams of more than just being stuck in the same town for the rest of her days. She is adventurous and brave, and her compassion leads her to save her beloved Beast, eventually revealing the kindhearted young prince hidden beneath the Beast’s weathered exterior. In the original animation, Belle is voiced by Paige O’Hara.

The Beast

The Beast was originally an arrogant prince who was cursed by an enchantress after he spurned her. Struck by a spell which made him look like a fearsome, ferocious Beast, he was cursed to remain so until he could learn to love and be loved in return. Actor Robbie Benson voices the Beast in the original animation.


Gaston is the arrogant, self-confident “villain” of Beauty and the Beast. He is madly in love with Belle, and becomes determined to win her affection. But when his selfish and cruel ways start to take over, Belle must use her wits to find a way to escape and ultimately save her beloved Beast. Actor Richard White voices the character in the original rotation.


Lumiere is the charming, charismatic and slightly mischievous candlestick who serves as the Beast’s faithful friend. He is devoted to Belle from the moment he meets her, and he remains devoted to her throughout the film. Lumiere is voiced by Jerry Orbach in the original animation.

Other Characters

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts is a kind and motherly teapot who is determined to help the Beast break the spell. Voiced by Angela Lansbury in the original animation, Mrs. Potts is determined to provide love and support for Belle and the Beast in their journey together.


Cogsworth is the strict, yet hapless, clock who serves as the Beast’s head of staff. He is often ill-tempered, but his tough exterior hides a gentle heart that eventually blossoms when Belle comes onto the scene. Actor David Ogden Stiers voices the character in the original film.


Chip is Mrs. Potts’ kind-hearted, yet mischievous, son. He is always eager to help out and is a loyal friend to Belle and the Beast. He is voiced by actor Bradley Pierce in the original movie.

The Enchantress

The enchantress is the mysterious witch who casts the spell that turns the spoiled prince into the fearsome Beast. Her magical enchantments form the central part of the story and drive the plot forward. She is voiced by Academy Award-winning actress, Kate Winslet, in the original film.

Beauty and the Beast (1994) is a classic, beloved movie beloved by fans of all ages. Its passionate story of courage and transformation, combined with its timeless characters, has made it a timeless hit. The cast of the original film is what truly brought the characters to life and made the story come alive. From the courageous and strong-willed Belle to the hapless Mrs. Potts and the mischievous Chip, the characters were brought to life by immensely talented actors, including the Academy Award-winning Kate Winslet as the enchantress. With a wonderful story and amazing cast, Beauty and the Beast (1994) will be remembered for generations to come.

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