Dancing is a form of expression, allowing you to express your emotions, be creative, and even reach a higher sense of spirituality. But, sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to go out and shake it. So, why not let the big screen get you moving?

Whether you’re looking to get the party started or just learn some fancy new moves, movie night can be a great way to put your groove into action. Here are the top 10 best dance movies of all time to get you grooving.

  1. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is unquestionably one of the most beloved dance movies of all time. The story follows Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) and her journey of self-discovery through dance and romance with the resorts dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).

This classic tale of star-crossed lovers was released in 1987 and was an instant hit among viewers, winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar. The movie provided a soundtrack and choreography that was so iconic, it sparked a whole generation of fans.

  1. Step Up

Step Up is a 2006 dance movie that tells the story of Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) an orphan from the wrong side of the tracks, who gets sentenced to community service at a prestigious school for the arts and falls for a privileged student, Norah Clark (Jenna Dewan Tatum).

The storyline is predictable, but the hip-hop influenced choreography makes the movie an absolute must-see for any fan of dance. Step Up was an unexpected success and has since come out with multiple sequels and a television series.

  1. Flashdance

Flashdance, released in 1983, is a story of a woman, Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals), who works by day as a steelworker and by night as an exotic dancer. Alex is desperate to follow her heart and pursue a career as a professional dancer, and, as fate would have it, she eventually does.

The film quickly became a classic, due to the electrifying and memorable soundtrack, as well as the iconic leg-shaking and chair dance scene. Flashdance has since been turned into a Broadway musical and inspired the classic show, Dancing with the Stars.

  1. Billy Elliott

Billy Elliott, is a 2000 drama-comedy that tells the story of a young British boy, Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) whose father, who starts taking classes at a local ballet school. Billy finds out he has a natural gift for ballet, and despite his father’s initial disapproval, Billy pursues his passion and ends up auditioning for The Royal Ballet School.

Billy Elliott is a refreshingly unique film, flipping gender roles and showing that not all dancers are female. This movie is heartfelt and sure to inspire you with the power of dance.

  1. Center Stage

Center Stage is a classic movie from 2000 about a group of dancers who attend New York’s American Ballet Academy for a shot at their dreams of becoming professional dancers. With a stellar cast of talented newcomers and an inviting soundtrack, this movie was an instant hit.

The story follows a variety of characters with very different backgrounds, where competition and romance bring them together. Center Stage is a must-see for any ballet enthusiast, as it provides an in-depth look at the world of professional ballet.

  1. Saturday Night Fever

Sometimes you just want to shake it out. Enter Saturday Night Fever, the 1977 musical drama that follows 19-year-old Tony Manero (John Travolta) escape his mundane life by letting loose at the local disco.

This movie not only has an amazing soundtrack and a classic performance by Travolta, it also popularized the “disco era”. Since its release, the movie has inspired countless recreations, a stage musical and two video game versions.

  1. Strictly Ballroom

If you’re looking for a dance movie with a light-hearted storyline, Strictly Ballroom might just be for you. This 1992 film follows Scott Hastings (Paul Mercurio), a talented dancer with a rebellious streak.

Scott is determined to enter a big competition with his own moves, which goes against the rules of the International Ballroom Dance Council. Despite the obstacles and struggles, Scott finds a way to use his skill and expression to make a remarkable comeback.

  1. Take the Lead

Take the Lead is a 2006 drama about a professional ballroom dancer, Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas), who volunteers to teach dance to a group of trouble-making teens in an inner-city high school.

Through this movie, you’ll be taken on a journey of self-discovery, as Pierre and his students work together to create their own unique style of dance. This inspiring movie might just be the breath of fresh air you need.

  1. Hairspray (2007)

Hairspray is the perfect movie to get your feet moving. This 2007 musical comedy is based on the Broadway musical of the same name, which follows Tracy Turnblad (John Travolta) a passionate dancer who attempts to integrate a dance show and rallies against racial segregation.

This musical is fun for the whole family and is sure to have you singing, dancing and laughing along.

  1. Step Up 2: The Streets

Step Up 2: The Streets is the second installment of the popular Step Up franchise and was released in 2008. This movie follows Andie West (Briana Evigan) a rebellious street dancer who is accepted into the Maryland School of the Arts.

The dance sequences in this movie are breathtaking, showcasing a mix of street dancing and ballet that’s sure to impress. The movie was such a success that it spawned four sequels and a short-lived television series.

No matter your musical taste or mood, there’s something out there to get you moving. From classic dance movies like Flashdance and Saturday Night Fever to modern-day sensations like Step Up and Dirty Dancing, you won’t be short of inspiration and entertainment.

So, why not throw your own dance movie night and let the movies get you grooving?

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