A home isn’t complete without a plant or two, but why not make a statement with plants that are truly oversized. These plants will add life and character to any room in your home, no matter its style. Additionally, the added foliage and air purifying benefits that come with plants, big or small, create a healthier environment for the whole family. Read about the many oversized plants that everyone needs in their home below.

Philodendron Hope Selloum

The Philodendron Hope Selloum is an oversized tropical shrub comely known as the “elephant ear”. With its heart-shaped leaves that can reach up to 3 feet in diameter, it will easily catch the eye. Best of all, its minimal maintenance and sunlight or water requirements make it easy to care for.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a staple when it comes to oversized plants. These big trees, ranging in sizes between 6 to 10 feet, can easily lend a modern aesthetic to any room. With minimal maintenance and beautiful dark green leaves, making a big statement won’t be difficult.


Dracaenas, known for their unique and striking leaves, definitely add a unique look to any home. Depending on the variety you choose, these dracaenas can reach up to 9 feet high. Easily a showstopper in any bedroom, hallway, or living room.

Rubber Tree

A Rubber Tree is a perfect addition to any living space. With its flowing and interesting leaves, it’s guaranteed to add a pop of life to any room. Plus, this small tree can reach up to 8 feet high and is pretty low maintenance.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily will add a beautiful, low-light and low-maintenance greenery to your home. With its large blooms that can reach up to 10 inches in size, it’s sure to brighten up any room. Plus, the dark green leaves of the Peace Lily will add an interesting depth to a living space.

Benefits of Introducing Oversized Plants to Your Home

Snagging oversized plants — besides being an aesthetic must — can offer an array of benefits, both stylistic and medical.

Aesthetic Benefits

Oversized plants are a great way to make a statement in any room. It adds an interesting texture and pops of color that can complement and break up monochromatic or neutral rooms. Additionally, nothing sets off a vintage inspired room like these larger-than-life plants.

Medical Benefits

Besides creating a statement, these indoor plants have been proven to provide numerous health benefits. Including helping to purify air, reduce stress, creating feelings calmness, reducing fatigue and promoting a sense of well-being.

Caring For Your Oversized Plants

The best thing about going oversized versus a regular potted plant is that the care requirements aren’t as intense. With a few simple tips, you will have an easy time keeping your large plants alive and looking great.

Plant Location

The location you place your plant is essential to its success. Make sure you place your oversized plants in a room with plenty of natural light and away from doors or drafts.

Water Requirements

The amount of water you give your plants depends on many factors, such as the type of soil, the size of the pot, and the climate. Make sure you read the specific care instructions for your chosen plants and only water when your soil is dry to the touch.

Additional Care

When the leaves drop, you can use a damp cloth or a spray to wipe them clean. This will help the plant to retain its natural look, as well as remove any dust that’s clinging to the leaves. Additionally, dusting and pruning may help your plants look better and also ensures proper air circulation and metabolize.

Oversized plants are a great way to transform any room and increase the focus on your interior design. Plus, with the added health benefits of larger plants, it will be a welcome addition to any home. With a few tips on plant location, watering and additional care, taking care of oversized plants doesn’t have to be too time consuming. Try out one of these oversized plants in your home to really make the space come alive.

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