We may not have seen the last of our beloved Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but Oscar Isaac has plenty of other roles belonging to his name. Taking on an impressive array of different parts in various genres in both film and television, Oscar Isaac’s career is filled with versatile acting performances. Let’s take a look at some of the Oscar Isaac movies that have left us impressed over the years.

Oscar Isaac Movies: A Look at His Career

Oscar Isaac’s career began in 2001, but it was a few years later where he really made his mark as an actor. Since then, he’s been featured in over 40 films and counting, some of them as lead roles, while also guest-starring in several popular TV shows. He’s earned several award nominations along the way, including three Golden Globe nominations, two SAG Awards and one Academy Award for his role in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Oscar Isaac Shines in Lead Roles

Throughout his career, Oscar Isaac has starred in many of his own lead roles. In 2016, his in-laws gifted him a starring role in X-Men: Apocalypse as the titular villain. He also starred as Denver in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first standalone entry in the beloved franchise. Additionally, he appeared in the titular role of Bryan Woodman in Ex Machina, a psychological thriller based on the science of artificial intelligence. He has also appeared in award-winning movies such as Annihilation and A Most Violent Year.

Versatile Actor in a Variety of Genres

Oscar Isaac is an incredibly versatile actor, having portrayed characters in a variety of genres. He has played in action-adventure, science fiction, comedy, drama, and more. For example, he starred in the movie Drive in 2015, a neo-noir action-film, in which he played the role of Standard Gabriel. He also portrayed the role of playful tech-genius engineer Laster Evers in the 2017 sci-fi film, Life.

Beyond the big screen, Isaac has also left an indelible mark in television. In 2016, he earned two Golden Globe nominations one for the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero and another for National Geographic’s Genius, in which he played the role of physicist Albert Einstein.

Oscar Isaac’s Dramatic Roles

If there’s one genre Oscar Isaac excels in, it’s drama. In addition to his Golden Globe nominations and Academy Award win, Isaac has starred in a variety of dramatic film roles. He has played a memorable role in A Woman, a Part, a drama surrounding a successful yet unhappy actress in search of job fulfillment. In 2015, he starred in Mojave, a dark and gripping psychological drama about a troubled Hollywood screenwriter, opposite Garrett Hedlund.

Even in comedies, Oscar Isaac shows up with his dramatic edge. As Nathan in Inside Llewyn Davis, Isaac captivated audiences by managing to be both hilarious and heartbreaking. In Ex Machina, his character was a socially aloof yet incredibly lovable engineer. Despite their comedic moments, both of these characters went through serious emotional changes.

Uplifting Films from Oscar Isaac

Though he’s more commonly associated with grim and heavy roles, Oscar Isaac also stars in uplifting films. The most recent example of this is Netflix’s Song of Parkland, in which he stars as the inspiring and hardworking fire inspector Arnold Hammer. In this movie, Isaac brings both comedy and optimism to a story about a rural small town and how community members come together when tragedy strikes.

Another one of Oscar Isaac’s uplifting films is The Nativity Story, a story about Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem that runs parallel to a traditional Bible story. In this film, Isaac plays the angel Gabriel who miraculously appears to Mary and lets her know that she is going to give birth to Jesus. Though this role is one his lesser-known performances, Isaac manages to make it powerful and inspiring with his delivery.

An All-Around Exceptional Actor

Oscar Isaac has proven to be an incredibly versatile actor and his various roles have earned him several award nominations over the years. From action-adventure to science fiction, comedy to drama, and even everyday stories of small-town America, Isaac’s performances always have a subtle but powerful effect. As he continues to take on an array of roles, we look forward to seeing more of his talent in the future.

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