When it comes to movies, fans can’t get enough. Whether it’s dissecting specific scenes, speculating about upcoming releases, or discovering behind-the-scenes facts, movie fans are an engaged group of people who never seem to tire from learning new things about their favorite films and filmmakers. With that in mind, here are some movie morsels – bite-sized pieces of fun and fascinating information about movies, film stars, and the industry itself.

The Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

Movie fans like to keep tabs on which films make the most money, and it may come as no surprise that the #1 highest grossing movie of all time is James Cameron’s masterpiece Avatar (2009). This groundbreaking film earned over $2.7 billion worldwide and was the first to gross more than two billion dollars. Even more remarkable is that this feat was accomplished without reliance on 3D ticket prices.

The Longest Running Movie Theater

Established in 1912, the Midtown Theater in Atlanta is the longest continuously operating movie theater in the United States. This vintage cinema is regarded as one of the first theaters to show films in the city, and it’s seen its fair share of celebrities such as Clark Gable, Tallulah Bankhead, and Jimmy Carter over the years. It’s still going strong today as a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The Oldest Oscars Ceremony

The Academy Awards, colloquially known as the “Oscars,” have been presented annually since 1929. But which was the very first Oscars ceremony? That distinction goes to the inaugural awards presentation on May 16, 1929, which took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Of the 13 categories awarded that evening, only three went to films that are still widely known today – Wings (Best Picture), Emil Jannings (Best Actor) and Janet Gaynor (Best Actress).

The Most Expensive Movie of All Time

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) holds the unofficial record for the most expensive movie ever with a production budget of $378 million. The staggering cost was attributed to Johnny Depp’s salary of $55 million, a particularly expensive set built near London, and 3D technology that was still relatively new at the time. Despite the hefty price tag, the film earned a healthy return of $1 billion worldwide and gave the franchise a fourth installment, Dead Man’s Chest (2017).

The Only Actor to Star in Two Best Picture Oscar Winners

In terms of multi-film Oscar winners, very few actors can claim to have starred in two films that won the Best Picture award. However, one of the few exceptions to this rule is Katherine Hepburn, who starred in two very different films that were both honored with the prestigious award: Morning Glory (1933) and The Lion in Winter (1968).

The Youngest Oscar Winner

Tatum O’Neal holds the record for the youngest Oscar winner in history for her performance in Paper Moon (1973). At just 10 years old, O’Neal won the Best Supporting Actress statue for her performance in the film. She beat the previous record – held by the legendary Shirley Temple 15 years earlier – by just one year.

The Biggest Flop in Movie History

Since not every film can be a winner, perhaps we should also pay homage to the most notorious box office dud in movie history. That dubious honor goes to Heaven’s Gate (1980). Directed by the legendary Michael Cimino, the western epic was horribly overbudget (by an estimated $33 million) and the film was so bad it brought the revered United Artists film production company to its knees.

The Longest Running Movie Franchise

Few movie franchises have achieved the longevity of James Bond, which first appeared on movie screens in 1962. More than 55 years later, the Bond series has produced an impressive total of 24 films (25 if you count “Never Say Never Again.”) The film series has also taken in nearly $7 billion in box office revenue and may continue breaking records with the release of No Time to Die (2021).

The Most Expensive Script Ever Written

It’s no secret that movie studios often spend extravagant sums of money to acquire the rights to certain scripts. But which script comes out on top for the most expensive ever? That honor belongs to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003), which sold for an impressive $2.8 million.

The Most Successful Independent Film

The term “independent film” usually refers to a low-budget movie with a limited marketing campaign, little in the way of studio influence and no major stars. However, few of these films enjoy wide public attention. That makes it all the more remarkable that the Kevin Smith comedy Clerks (1994) was a huge based-on-box office success with a worldwide gross of over $3 million on a modest budget of $27,000.

The Most Expensive Movie Ever for Advertising and Promotion

Big-budget blockbusters require equally big budgets for advertising and promotion. A prime example of this can be seen with the Tom Cruise-led War of the Worlds (2005), which had a promotional budget of an astonishing $120 million – the most ever for a movie. All that money must have helped – the movie took in over $570 million at the global box office.

The Most Successful Sequel of All Time

For many, it’s hard to imagine one movie being able to surpass the success of another. But sequels have often been able to outperform their predecessors – usually on the back of popular characters and familiar settings. The most successful sequel of all time is arguably The Godfather Part II (1974), which hit theaters three years after the original classic. Part II earned more than the original and is widely considered to be one of the most influential films ever made.

The Most Expensive Music Video Ever

Music videos are an art form in and of themselves and in some cases, an expensive one. The most expensive music video ever was for Michael Jackson’s 11-minute epic “Scream” (1995). Produced by Sony Music, the video featured elaborate special effects, an appearance from his sister Janet Jackson and a price tag of $7 million.

The Highest Rated Movie Of All Time On IMDb

It’s not just box office figures that movie fans use to compare films. IMDb ratings are also used as an indication of a movie’s success. At the time of writing, the highest rated movie on IMDb is The Shawshank Redemption (1994) with an impressive rating of 9.3 out of 10. This prison drama directed by Frank Darabont was not a commercial success upon its initial release, but its success grew over time, eventually becoming a classic.

Movie morsels provide fans with an entertaining way to learn fun tidbits and trivia about their favorite films. From the longest running movie theater to the most successful sequels, there are plenty of fascinating facts show the impact and legacy of movies. It’s no wonder that movie fans can’t get enough of these bite-sized pieces of knowledge.

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