Mother’s Day is a special time of year when we get to celebrate the amazing power of motherhood, and express our love and appreciation for the wonderful woman in our life. Nothing can make a mother feel more special than being honored, appreciated and receiving a thoughtful message to let her know how much she is loved and admired.

This year is an especially unique time to let mom know how much you love her, because of the unique circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many of us having to spend months in isolation and away from our families, let’s make sure to pamper and celebrate our beloved mothers, who have given us all unconditional love throughout our lives.

Whether it’s a message of love and appreciation, or a heartfelt praise, or just a simple “Happy Mother’s Day”, our mothers will be delighted to receive any kind of gesture that comes from the heart. Here are some wonderful ideas to express and celebrate your love this Mother’s Day to make sure mom feels special and appreciated.

Writing a Special Message

Writing and giving a special message shows your mom how much you treasure her and appreciate all she has done for you. With a personal message, you can truly express your thoughts, feelings, and appreciation for the amazing and incomparable woman in your life.

You can choose to write a letter, or you can pick a blank card, or a special message on a mug and express your feelings for her. Here are some ideas for meaningful and heartfelt messages for your mom:

• “Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best mom I’m thankful for you every day and love you more than words can say.”

• “We love you for all that you do, for the stories you tell and the smiles you bring. You are an inspiration to us all, so this Mother’s Day, our appreciation is all for you.”

• “As I grow older, I understand more and more the kind of sacrifices you have made, just so that I could have the best life. I hope this Mother’s Day will be the best one yet.”

• “You are like a beautiful flower, whose fragrance and beauty fills my life with joy and peace. On this special day, I thank you for all that you have done.”

• “I don’t know how you do it all, but I do know that I would never be the person I am today without you. Wishing you the most special of Mother’s Day.”

Gifting Meaningful Gifts

If you want to get your mom something tangible to show her your love, gifting a meaningful item is an excellent way to pamper and surprise her on this special day. You can get creative and personalize a gift or get one from the many special Mother’s Day collections available, like plants, jewelry, books, spa treatments, and beauty products. Some great gifts that are timeless and are sure to leave a lasting impression are:

• A personalized photo book: Nothing tug at the heartstrings like a book full of precious memories. Personalize a photo book with a collection of favorite and special photos of your mom and you together, or have it made with quotes, messages and photos that express your love and appreciation.

• Subscription boxes: Let your mom try new things every month, with several varieties of subscription boxes to choose from. From skincare and makeup discoveries, to snacks and sweets, gift your mom with new options to pamper and treat herself every month.

• Home decor: Give your home a boost of luxury and elegance by gifting your mom gorgeous home decor and artwork specifically chosen for her. You can also take this opportunity to show your gratitude with a personalized canvas, or an item that reflects your mom’s favorite things or interests.

Celebrating Virtually

Considering the pandemic and social distancing that are in full effect, many of us are not able to give hugs and get together for celebrations like before. That said, there are plenty of great ways to celebrate with our moms virtually, without having to physically be with them.

• Send virtual flowers: Make sure mom’s home pops with color and cheer, by sending her some beautiful fresh floral bouquets. With so many online flower delivery services available, you don’t even have to step out of your place.

• Plan online desserts and dinners: Put on a spread of her favorite dishes and desserts and join her online to make the day extraordinary. You can also fix an online date with all family members, call a favorite restaurant and order a meal, or have a cooking contest with her and make a video.

• Have a movie marathon or watch her favorite musical performance: You can get creative and set up a movie theater-like atmosphere in your living room and play mom’s favorite movies. Alternatively, you can stream a live opera, orchestra or musical performance.

• Give her the remote control: Let her spend the day doing what she loves. It could be an activity like painting, gardening or playing her favorite game. Let her decide and be free with whatever makes her the happiest.

Making an Appointment

If you can’t be physically with your mom on her special day, you can make an appointment with her for a later date, and do something that both of you love to make it extra special. You can plan a day or weekend trip to her favorite destination, or plan a special outdoor activity like going to the beach, or a picnic. You can also make reservations for a cooking class, play her favorite sport, or just plan a long-awaited catching up session where you can spend quality time discussing your lives and interests.

Making Your Mom Feel Special

Your mom deserves to feel special and get a little extra love on her special day. Here are some creative ways that you can make your mom feel special:

• Start the day with a surprise: Surprise your mom by starting her day with either breakfast in bed, or have some fresh flowers, chocolates, balloons and favorite treats delivered to her door.

• Give her a break: Give your mom some free time to relax, with an appointment with a massage therapist, stylist or other professionals who can pamper her.

• Go the sentimental route: Make a slideshow of your favorite photos together and post it online, or share your fondest memories with her on audio or video recordings.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to let your mom know how much you appreciate and value her. No matter which special way you choose to show your love, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give back to the most important woman in your life and make her feel special, valued and cherished. So, wish your mom a very Happy Mother’s Day and give her an extra big hug to make her day even brighter!

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