Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize and appreciate the wonderful moms in our lives. From those who have gone before us, to those here today and extending into the future, we all have one thing in common—our mothers. Here are some of the best Mother quotes to help celebrate and honor the moms who have made us who we are today.

What is a Mom?
Moms come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that remains constant is their unconditional love and eternal dedication to their families. From tucking you in at night to being there when you need a shoulder to cry on, moms are superheroes, often sacrificing their own wants and needs to ensure their family’s safety and wellbeing.

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?
Honoring your mother on Mother’s Day is a way to show her just how much you appreciate all that she has done, and continues to do, for you. Mother’s Day is a reminder to express your love and devotion, thank her for all she has taught you and remind her of the power and strength of being a mom.

Heartfelt Quotes for Moms
Sometimes it can be difficult to put into words just how much your mom means to you or how much you love her. These quotes from influential thinkers, writers and speakers of the past and present capture the essence of motherhood and make it easy for you to put such feelings into words.

  1. “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.” – Mildred B. Vermont
  2. “A mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.” – Anonymous
  3. “No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement.” – Florida Scott-Maxwell
  4. “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” – Jewish Proverb
  5. “A mother understands what a child does not say.” – Jewish Proverb
  6. “A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” – Victor Hugo
  7. “To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.” – Unknown
  8. “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” – Unknown
  9. “Every baby needs a lap, every child needs a dad, and every mother needs love and understanding.” – Leavy
  10. “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” – Stevie Wonder

Wise Advice for New Moms
Moms come with a wealth of experience and knowledge that can pass from one generation to the other. Here are a few words of wisdom from the moms who have gone before us to help new moms on the journey of motherhood.

  1. “A baby shines like sunshine in your life and fills it with immense joy.” – Edwina Rogers
  2. “In motherhood, you have to put yourself second so you can be there for your child first.” – Ali Land
  3. “Trust your instincts. Every child is unique and your love, intuition, and insight into their needs is the greatest guide.” – Unknown
  4. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. As long as you are trying your best, that’s all that matters.” – Unknown
  5. “Know that it’s okay to not have all the answers. Parenting is a learning experience—learn as you go.” – Unknown
  6. “The days are long, but the years are short, so enjoy the moment and don’t wish away time.” – Anonymous
  7. “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at the mess, the chaos, and the constant ‘why’ questions. These moments are fleeting.” – Ali Land
  8. “Show your children every day that you love them for who they are—you cannot go wrong.”– Unknown
  9. “Find joy where you can, even in the simple moments.” – Unknown
  10. “Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Put aside time for you and make the most of it!” – Unknown

Inspirational Mother Quotes
Moms are a source of inspiration to us all. They show us that it is possible to persevere through challenges, no matter what. These motivational Mother’s Day quotes will inspire you and remind you that anything is possible.

  1. “No matter how hard the battle gets, or no matter how many scars you show, never give up. A mother’s love is more powerful than any force in the universe.” – Unknown
  2. “Strong moms raise strong daughters—and strong sons!” – Anonymous
  3. “Life does not come with a handbook, but if it did, it would be the size of a mother’s heart.” – Unknown
  4. “It takes a village to raise a mother, and she raises them in return.” – Anonymous
  5. “A mother’s heart is full of love that never runs out.” – Unknown
  6. “A mother’s love carries her children; her children carry her love.” – Anonymous
  7. “A mother’s love never falters, no matter the age or situation.” – Anonymous
  8. “The most important thing a mother can give her children is her unconditional love.” – Unknown
  9. “In the eyes of a mother, no one is a stranger—only family she hasn’t met yet.” – Anonymous
  10. “A mother lights the way, paving the path with love and encouragement.” – Unknown

Encouraging Quotes for Mom’s on Their Journey
Moms are often the unsung heroes in our lives, providing constant support and guidance to both family and friends, day after day. Let your mom know she has made the difference in your life, and let her know how much she is appreciated and loved.

  1. “Invest in your mother, she is worth more than gold.” – Unknown
  2. “Never underestimate the power of your mother’s love. It is far more powerful than any weapon.” – Unknown
  3. “Your mother will love you, no matter what.” – Unknown
  4. “Your mother loves you, even if she doesn’t always say it.” – Unknown
  5. “Your mother is your first teacher, your biggest cheerleader, and your lifetime best friend.” – Unknown
  6. “Your mother will always be your best advocate and a source of unconditional support and love.” – Unknown
  7. “Your mother will always find a way to love you and make you feel special, no matter what.” – Unknown
  8. “Your mother always knows what kind of love you need, from a hug and a kiss to a smile and encouraging words.” – Unknown
  9. “Your mother will always be there to give you the courage to face life’s challenges—even when it seems impossible to do so.” – Unknown
  10. “Your mother will forever be your biggest protector and defender—no one can replace her.” – Unknown

Remind Your Mom How Much You Care
Mother’s Day is the perfect day to remind your mom how much she means to you and thank her for all she has done. These Mother’s Day quotes will help you express your appreciation and love in just the right way.

  1. “My mom taught me that you can take the time to do things right. That’s what makes the difference.” – Mandy Moore
  2. “My mother, she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” – Jodi Picoult
  3. “Having a place to go—is a home. Having someone to love—is a family. Having both—is a blessing.” – Unknown
  4. “The love between a mother and son is forever.” – Unknown
  5. “The love between a mother and daughter is forever.” – Unknown
  6. “You are my mother, my friend, my teacher, my mentor, and my guide. I will forever be grateful for your love and support.” – Unknown
  7. “My mother is my inspiration. Without her I am nothing.” – Unknown
  8. “Your love, encouragement, and support inspires me to be the best I can be. I’m grateful for you.” – Unknown
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