Every year, come December, most of the world embarks on a hunt to find the perfect Christmas card or the right message to go with it. An indecipherable task, to be sure, considering people’s tastes and preferences differ significantly, but one nevertheless so that it can fill their holiday season with more cheer.

It is for that purpose that we have decided to compile a list of some of the best -or in other words, the
most appropriate- Merry Christmas card messages that are guaranteed to add a little something extra to the Christmas season and help you spread cheer all around.

Christmas Messages for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is a time for love, peace, and joy. All the just mentioned come from the heart, so why not start off the Christmas season spreading all these good and cozy messages to your close ones?

  1. “May this Christmas be a delightful one that is full of joy and filled with love!”
  2. “Warmest Greetings of this festive season and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.”
  3. “Wishing you and your family peace, joy, happiness and good health !
  4. “Here’s hoping your Christmas will be filled with joy and peace!”
  5. “Lighten up this Christmas with laughter and joyful merrymaking!”

Funny Christmas Card Messages

The holiday season can get quite hectic, so why not break the monotony with funny Christmas card messages?

  1. “Christmas cut tree count: me 1, firewood 0.”
  2. “Everybody loves a well-dressed Christmas tree. Stop growing!”
  3. “My idea of a perfect Christmas is one where I get enough presents to break even with the time I spend making one for everyone else.”
  4. “If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, you’d better start! He knows when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake!”
  5. “Dear Santa, this year I want it all—and do not forget the bubble wrap!”

Short and Sweet Christmas Card Messages

If you are looking for something short and simple, here are some of the most suitable short and sweet Christmas card messages that can spread cheer throughout the holiday season!

  1. “Wishing you the best of the season.”
  2. “Merry Christmas and happy holidays.”
  3. “Wishing you peace, happiness, and joy this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year.”
  4. “Have a holly-jolly Christmas!”
  5. “Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.”

Inspirational Christmas Card Messages

The holiday season is a time for contemplation and resolution, and what better way to start its proceedings with an inspirational Christmas card message?

  1. “May the spirit of Christmas grant you peace, the gladness of Christmas give you hope, and the warmth of Christmas grant you love.”
  2. “May the sparkle and joy of the holidays stay with you throughout the coming year.”
  3. “Wishing you a holiday season full of love, laughter, and peace.”
  4. “May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white.”
  5. “I’m wishing you the very best during this joyous time of the year!”

Unique Christmas Card Messages

Let’s be honest, typical Christmas card messages can get a bit boring and some people are looking for something a bit more creative. Here are some unique Christmas card messages to stand out a little bit more for your friends and family.

  1. “May the snow fall softly on your winter wonderland and may the joy of Christmas fill your heart.”
  2. “The best gifts in life will never be found under a Christmas tree, those gifts are friends, family, and the one you love.”
  3. “Feel the love, beauty, and joy this Christmas. Have a magical one!”
  4. “Santa isn’t the only one coming to town with goodies! Wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!”
  5. “Christmas is all about love and having some good, old-fashioned fun!”

Christmas Card Messages for Kids

Children enjoy the holiday season immensely, so why not make Christmas cards even more special by adding a special kid-friendly message?

  1. “Feeling holly, jolly, and full of cheer, hoping your Christmas will be so much more!”
  2. “Twinkle twinkle little star, let’s wish for a Christmastime that’s super-duper fun and far!”
  3. “It’s time to jingle, mingle, and tingle, wishing you so much joy this Christmas season!”
  4. “Christmas spirit is all around, but only love can make it truly sound!”
  5. “May your Christmas be merry, bright, and so happy – all day and night!”

Christmas Messages From Businesses

Companies are not immune to the holiday spirit either, so let’s give some businesses an idea of how to add a personal touch to their Christmas cards!

  1. “Warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks for being part of our success story!”
  2. “Christmas brings out the best in us—including the best of our services for you!”
  3. “Let’s be jolly, it is Christmas! Wishing you laughter, cheers and all the best this season!”
  4. “Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a prosperous New Year ahead.”
  5. “From our house to yours, wishing everyone a holiday season filled with happiness and prosperity.”

The holiday season is an amalgam of joy, laughter, peace, and festivity. Now that you have some ideas on what kind of messages to write, it is time to go out there and spread some cheer not only to your loved ones, but to everyone around!

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