The fashion industry has long been a two-way street, with classic men’s styles being adopted by women for years. Menswear has often offered up timelessly brilliant silhouettes and details to give a tailored, structured look to an outfit. Here, we show you with a guide on how to incorporate classic menswear into your wardrobe. From the sartorial elegance of tailoring to the classic, cool aesthetic of the denim jean, you will be able to take the look you desire, cut it up and mix it in.

Understanding Menswear

Before looking into how to incorporate classic men’s styles into your wardrobe, it is important to understand menswear as a whole. Menswear is defined as clothes specifically designed for men to wear. This includes everything from grand tuxedos and dinner suits to weekend-ready tweed and flannel. Menswear has the combination of form, function, and iconic pieces that can be incorporated into an outfit or look to give it a statement finish.

The History of Menswear

Menswear is something that has evolved over centuries since its inception. The development of clothing for men is an intertwined timeline of historical events, fashion trends, and great names in menswear. Menswear has gone through many different eras, from its humble beginnings as rustic and practical clothing to an art form of its own. From the dapper 20s and the daring 50s, to the suave 60s, classic menswear is something that has remained a constant in the fashion world due to its stylish timelessness.

Classic Menswear Pieces

When it comes to incorporating classic menswear into your wardrobe, it is important to know which pieces to look out for. Classic menswear pieces are typically understated and well-tailored, and come in a variety of fabrics to create different looks. From an everyday ensemble of a white dress shirt and chinos, to a dressed-up look of a well-fitting tuxedo, there are plenty of options to choose from to get the look you desire. There are many classic menswear pieces that will provide you with a timeless sense of style, such as the crisp white dress shirt, tuxedo, blazer, trousers, slacks, parka, bomber jacket, trench coat and the timelessly cool denim jeans.

Embracing Menswear With Different Genres

When thinking about how to incorporate classic menswear into your wardrobe, you don’t need to strictly stick to smart, tailored pieces. It is also possible to take menswear and mix it up with different genres, such as streetwear, punk and grunge. By taking classic menswear pieces and styling them differently, adding accessories such as scarves, caps and jewellery, you can create a look that is entirely your own.

Choosing The Right Materials And Care

When incorporating classic menswear into your wardrobe, it is important to pay attention to the materials and care that these garments need. Choose pieces that are made from quality fabrics such as wool, cotton and leather as this will ensure that you get pieces that will stand the test of time. Choosing organic and sustainable fabrics is also highly recommended as this will help reduce synthetic materials being used in the garment manufacturing process, thereby providing both a natural and sustainable look. Caring for these garments correctly is also essential, as the wear and tear of the fabric over time can ruin the look and fit of the piece.

Incorporating Tailoring Into Your Wardrobe

For a truly refined look, tailoring is a great way to add a touch of old school charm into your wardrobe. From fitted silhouettes to nipped-in waists that highlight the female form, tailoring is an excellent way to create tailored looks. Tailored blazers, trousers, skirts and coats are great staples to add to your wardrobe, and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Adding Footwear For The Perfect Finishing Touch

The perfect finishing touch for any classic menswear look is the right kind of footwear. When incorporating classic men’s styles into your wardrobe, opt for timeless pieces such as Oxfords, brogues or loafers to complete the look.

Get Creative and Express Yourself

At the end of the day, it is important to have fun with fashion and to not be afraid to express yourself. Classic menswear provides a great base for any outfit, and the diverse range of pieces you can use to create your look makes it a great way to explore your personal style.

Menswear has long been a favourite of fashion forward individuals for its timeless and refined look. With the ability to create endless combinations of pieces and styles, menswear is the perfect way to incorporate classic styles into your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for smart menswear tailored pieces or laidback updates of classic pieces, menswear can give you the look you desire. So, why not try incorporating menswear into your wardrobe, and see how you can use menswear pieces to express your individual style.

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