A ‘Baddie’ is someone who not only looks incredibly stylish but is also unapologetically confident about their lifestyle. The Baddie lifestyle encapsulates all aspects of life, from fashion, fitness and social interaction, to worldly ambitions, wealth-building and self-expression. As a Baddie, you live life on your terms, going against the grain and being true to yourself.

Baddie has taken the world by storm, as a bold and seductive lifestyle and mindset. To help you to understand and live the Baddie lifestyle, we have put together this list of savage and inspirational Baddie quotes, to inspire and motivate your journey.

  1. The Strength of a Baddie

“Be a baddie that no one can forget, smooth, stylish and effortlessly cool like a jazz solo.” – Unknown

“Be a baddie with a strength that no one can ignore.” – Unknown

“Be strong and wise, like a baddie that everyone wants to be around.” – Unknown

“Be tough and untouchable, like a baddie that can look after themselves.” – Unknown

  1. Going Against the Grain

“Baddies don’t fit into society’s tiny little boxes, they break out and blaze their own trails.” – Unknown

“A Baddie doesn’t do what they’re told, if they don’t agree they don’t obey.” – Unknown

“A Baddie won’t let fear get in the way, they have the courage to take the risk even if they don’t know the way.” – Unknown

  1. Building Charisma

“Be magnetic like a baddie, who has a certain charm and charisma that draws everyone in.” – Unknown

“Have a baddie-like attitude, be sarcastic but never rude.” – Unknown

“Baddies stand out, not because of their clothes, but because of their vibe and aura.” – Unknown

  1. Thinking Positive

“Focus on the positive like a Baddie and set yourself up for success.” – Unknown

“Be positive and make changes like a Baddie, life is too short to waste it complaining.” – Unknown

“Create the perfect environment for success, be it a job, a relationship or a lifestyle.” – Unknown

  1. Never Take It Lying Down

“When life knocks you down, get up like a Baddie and keep on fighting.” – Unknown

“Keep your head high and walk away like a Baddie in a fight, don’t give in to negativity.” – Unknown

“Baddies never surrender, they pick themselves up, fix their crown and keep it moving.” – Unknown

  1. Appreciate the Journey

“Live life like a Baddie, it’s a journey, not a destination.” – Albert Camus

“Enjoy the journey of discovery, and don’t worry if you’ve made mistakes.” – Dalai Lama

“Everything happens for a reason, embrace the journey and develop your inner strength.” – Oprah Winfrey

  1. Being Resourceful

“Baddies don’t wait, they work hard and use their resources.” – Unknown

“A Baddie creates their own luck, it’s all part of their master plan.” – Unknown

“Baddies take control of their own destiny, their success comes from them, not from someone else.” – Unknown

  1. Defining a Baddie

“A person who looks good, feels good and does good.” – Unknown

“Someone who commands attention and respect.” – Unknown

“Someone who is strong in mind and body.” – Unknown

“Someone who is confident, independent and unapologetically themselves.” – Unknown

  1. Embracing Who You Are

“Be baddie-like, define success on your own terms.” – Unknown

“Don’t seek approval or acceptance, be confident in who you are.” – Unknown

“Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself and work hard at it.” – Unknown

  1. Don’t Waste Time

“A Baddie makes the most of their time, they know every second is precious.” – Unknown

“Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter, focus on what does and make it count.” – Unknown

“Time is too precious to be wasted on negative people, just live life and be happy.” – Unknown

  1. Get Moving

“A Baddie doesn’t wait for opportunities, they go out and grab them.” – Unknown

“A Baddie takes control and takes ownership, they don’t wait for permission.” – Unknown

“A Baddie makes things happen, they don’t just wait and hope.” – Unknown

  1. Live and Let Live

“Live life like a Baddie, respect yourself and others and enjoy the ride.” – Unknown

“Remember that everything changes, including you.” – Unknown

“Live life with no regrets and don’t judge others, just appreciate the journey.” – Unknown

Living the Baddie lifestyle is a powerful mindset and philosophy that will enable you to take control of your life and make it what you want it to be. As you take the steps on your journey, make sure you lay the foundation and keep the fire burning inside of you. Use these savage and inspirational quotes to help you define success on your own terms and to stay focused, motivated and determined. Your Baddie life awaits, so grab it and live it – be strong, wise and untouchable.

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