For centuries, uplifting accounts of faith and redemption have been beautifully portrayed in books, television shows and of course, movies. While there are many inspiring Christian films produced by Hollywood, we’ve rounded up some of the best movies about faith and redemption that are a must-watch for any believer. From classic dramas to comedies, here are the top faith-filled films that provide hope and courage.

The Apostle

This critically acclaimed drama stars Robert Duvall, who also wrote and directed the film. It tells the story of Sonny (Duvall), a Pentecostal preacher who must fight for his own redemption when his life starts to unravel. Also featuring beautiful music performed by Sonny, this movie is sure to inspire.

The Passion of the Christ

This 2004 epic film stars Jim Caviezel as Jesus of Nazareth and chronicles his passion and death as told in the Catholic and Protestant Gospels. Director Mel Gibson reportedly spent ten years of his own personal time researching the historical account in preparation for this movie. This must-watch classic is sure to be a moving experience.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This 2006 movie tells the extraordinary journey of the Gardner family, who struggle to find a place to call home. Despite the odds and disappointments, the Gardners’ faith helps them to overcome many obstacles and find hope and redemption.

Facing the Giants

This underdog sports movie follows the faith-filled journey of a high school football team that faces adversity and learns lessons about sportsmanship, courage and faith. The team’s transformation is sure to warm the heart and motivate viewers to never give up.


This 2008 movie tells the story of a fireman and his wife as they seek to mend their broken marriage with God’s help. This must-watch drama highlights the importance of grace and forgiveness for the redemption of a relationship.

The Blind Side

Michael Oher’s remarkable story of courage and redemption is a story of faith, hope and dignity. Starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron, the inspiring true story is sure to tug at heartstrings.


Four fathers face personal challenges that test their relationships with their families and God. This 2011 drama follows the powerful journey of courage and redemption for the men as they wrestle with their fears of faith.

Soul Surfer

The true story of Bethany Hamilton will stay with audiences long after its end. When young Bethany (AnnaSophia Robb) survives a shark attack at the age of 13 and faces the decision to either give up or get back on the board, she shows courage and faith like no other.

The Prince of Egypt

This 1999 animated musical is based on the Hebrew Exodus story, with themes of faith, trust and belief in a better life. This timeless classic is enjoyable for the whole family and is sure to inspire and uplift with its message of faith and redemption.

August Rush

This 2007 movie follows the story of 11-year-old August Rush, who finds out he is the son of a runaway couple and embarks on a journey to find them. Set against the backdrop of New York, this movie will deeply touch hearts and teach valuable lessons about faith, family and hope.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Set in the magical world of Narnia, this popular book series has been made into an epic movie trilogy that follows four children as they discover the presence of Aslan, the lion who undoes the evil of the White Witch. This family-friendly trilogy is sure to entertain and inspire viewers.

The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

The third installment of the Narnia series follows the journey of King Caspian and the Narnian crew in search of seven swords that belonged to their ancestors. Along the way, they discover their true identity and strength and learn the importance of friendship and faith.

God’s Not Dead

This inspirational 2014 drama follows the story of Josh (Shane Harper), a college student who takes a stand against his professor and refuses to deny his faith. The movie is well-acted and thought-provoking and will motivate Christians to stick to their faith.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Based on a true story, this movie follows the incredible story of a poor inner city youth with no hope for a future who grows up to become a highly successful neurosurgeon. This powerful drama will draw viewers in with its emotional and spiritual messages.

From the big screen to small, inspirational Christian films of faith and redemption will always be a hit. After watching one of these films, viewers are sure to feel encouraged and motivated to make a difference in the world. So, grab some popcorn and make a date night for you and your family with these must-watch movies about faith and redemption.

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