If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, consumed by stress and anxiety, clarity is needed. Cleansing your life can be a difficult, long process – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 31 days of tips and habits to help you improve your life!

Day 1: Get Up Early

Not only will you be much more productive throughout the day, but the early morning hours are blissfully quiet and make you feel relaxed. So set your alarm a bit earlier than normal and take advantage of the extra hours to read, meditate, or start planning your day.

Day 2: Begin Journaling

Write down your goals and intentions for the day, as well as three things you are grateful for. Writing down your ambitions and being thankful for what you have can really help you stay focused and on track. Get creative and customize your journaling session to fit your needs.

Day 3: Examine Your Values

Understanding your own values, and knowing what is truly important to you is essential to cleansing your life. Take the time to appreciate your beliefs and make sure you’re constantly evaluating if your actions and behaviors reflect those values.

Day 4: Declutter Your Space

Decluttering your home or workspace is key to feeling refreshed and energized. Take the time to organize your space and get rid of any unnecessary items. This will help you gain clarity and feel more relaxed when you enter the room.

Day 5: Clear Your Closet

We all have too many clothes in our closets, whether they’re things we don’t wear or clothing that is just taking up space. Go through the items and either donate them, or if you can’t part with them just yet, store them in a trunk or dust bag.

Day 6: Get Active

Start with a 30-minute workout, even if it is just walking or jogging around the block. Exercise helps increase your energy and makes you feel better overall. Commit to a regular exercise schedule to start seeing the health benefits and help further improve your quality of life.

Day 7: Read More

Choose something calming, such as a classic, spiritual or inspirational book. Reading has many tangible benefits, and allows you to forget your worries, relax, and become more aware and mindful of your space.

Day 8: Make Time for Self-Care

Invest in yourself and prioritize yourself. This can be done through meditation, yoga, a long hot bath or a massage. Taking individual care of yourself goes an even longer way to cleansing your life and maintaining health.

Day 9: Cut Out Negative Influences

Do you notice yourself acting differently or feeling uneasy or outright hostile towards a certain person? It might be time to cut that person or group of people out of your life, or at least limit contact with them. Letting the negative people go can be very freeing.

Day 10: Take Up a New Hobby

Spend time exploring activities and interests you’ve never tried before. This could include anything from rock climbing, to working out at the gym, to photography and painting. Doing something new is a great way to actively cleanse your life by filling it with new experiences.

Day 11: Stop Comparing Yourself

Don’t get in a competition with other people, instead focus on being the best version of yourself. Comparison leads to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction, and takes away from the joy of living in the moment. So stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your true essence.

Day 12: Limit Screen Time

We have become so used to constantly be on our phones, tablets, or laptops. Take a break from all screens, this includes televisions as well, and stick to reading a book, taking a walk, or even just doing a puzzle.

Day 13: Have Meaningful Conversations

Spend time with people in your life and focus on having conversations that are meaningful. Be mindful of your conversations and questions you ask, instead of aimlessly yapping away. Connecting on a deeper level will spark meaningful conversations.

Day 14: Enjoy Nature Often

Go outside, find a nearby park or a beach, and take a deep breath. Being outdoors allows us to enjoy peaceful moments, marvel at wondrous landscapes, and it also gives us perspective on life.

Day 15: Focus on Filling Up

Stop consuming with toxic content, unhealthy lifestyle, and heavy gossip. Instead, focus on consuming content that is positive, inspiring, and healthy. Fill up your mind with healthy, positive content so you can get rid of the clutter.

Day 16: Unplug Every Sunday

Set aside at least one full day a week to completely turn off all screens, phones, and devices. Sundays should be focused on self-care, relaxation, creativity, and re-charge time. Reserve Sunday for family time, close connection, and enjoyment.

Day 17: Track Your Progress

Start tracking your daily habits and be aware of your thoughts and feelings during the cleansing process. Evaluate where you are and acknowledge when you’ve achieved success. This is an important part of cleaning your life and keep you motivated.

Day 18: Make Time for Yourself

Set aside “me-time” and make time for yourself. Get comfortable with being alone to enjoy the peace and quiet, give yourself time to relax without feeling guilty. Take time to identify what it is that makes you feel good and do it.

Day 19: Minimize Social Media

Social media can be a great source of inspiration, but it can also be a source of comparison, procrastination, and danger. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t serve you or makes you question yourself and limit your time scrolling your feeds.

Day 20: Drink More Water

Water is such an important part of life but it is so often put on the back burner. Carry around a reusable water bottle, and aim to drink at least 2L of water every day. This will help to flush out toxins, regulate your body temperature and help your skin stay hydrated and glowing.

Day 21: Watch What You Eat

Don’t be too hard on yourself – everyone has the occasional splurge here and there. Focus on eating whole, non-processed foods, and swap out sugary, processed drinks for herbal tea, smoothies, and hydration!

Day 22: Value Quality Over Quantity

Avoid the trap of “quantity over quality.” Placing fewer demands on yourself, and spending quality days with friends, doing meaningful activities, and remaining reflective can provide peace and clarity.

Day 23: Create A Vision Board

Create a vision board to help you manifest the life you want to have. Gather all of your favorite photos, quotes, and words that speak to you and your aspirations, and paste them onto a board, or just keep them in a folder. Looking back at it regularly to remind yourself of your goals and priorities.

Day 24: Write Down Your Goals

Write down every long-term goal you have, and then break them down into smaller, actionable steps. Knowing what steps you need to take will keep you focused and goal-oriented, and make those big dreams achievable.

Day 25: Spend Money Mindfully

Think twice before making any purchases. Make note of things that you really need and spend your money wisely. Keep track of your expenses, and make sure you allot adequate funds for bills and unpaid debts.

Day 26: Make a Gratitude List

Remind yourself of all the good things in your life and write down all the things you are grateful for in your life. Doing this will help to realign you with your core values and allow yourself to take a step back and appreciate what you have.

Day 27: Take Breaks From News & Social

Take regular breaks from social media and the news. Things can get overwhelming on those feeds – turn off notifications, set a limit for yourself and make sure it is not a regular routine. This will help you declutter your mind and gain more clarity.

Day 28: Get Outside

Getting fresh air and sunlight can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and increase your energy levels. Whether it’s a short walk or an outdoor run, breathing in the fresh air can help improve your overall health as well as provide clarity and peace.

Day 29: Create Healthy Boundaries

Learn to say no when needed and set boundaries with people. Learning to say no can be a powerful way to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle without feeling guilty.

Day 30: Indulge Your Passions

Take some time to focus on whatever it is that brings you joy. Dancing, baking, playing an instrument, reading, crafting… whatever it is, take time away from distractions to indulge in your passions.

Day 31: Make Time for Self-Reflection

Spend time with yourself and reflect on all the things you’ve accomplished and worked on over the last month. Appreciate yourself, forgive yourself and congratulate yourself! If you feel like something needs to be changed or worked on, create a plan to move forward.

Cleansing your life in just 31 days might feel overwhelming – but the effects are worth it.

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