The weekend is a welcome break from the hustle of our daily lives. It’s the time when we can relax, enjoy our friends and family, or pursue our hobbies. Even if your weekend plans don’t involve too many exciting activities, one thing’s for certain: everyone needs some Friday motivation! A quote or two to get you in the right frame of mind is a great way to start the weekend off on the right foot. Here are some funny and inspiring Friday quotes to get you in the mood to welcome the weekend.

Funny Friday Quotes

Looking for something to make you smile as you kick off your weekend? Check out these funny Friday quotes to get you in the lighthearted mood!

“TGIF. We are ready to party and welcome the weekend.”

“Friday means we can sleep at last!”

“TGIF: Today God Is Finished.”

“It’s Friday. Time to party like you just don’t care!”

“Friday is like a hero. It comes at the end of the week and saves us from being bored.”

“Happy Friday! Time to enjoy, relax and forget about work for a few days.”

“Friday is like a donut without any holes, it’s just perfect.”

“Just one more day and I can sleep ‘til noon.”

Inspiring Friday Quotes

Need an extra bit of motivation to “seize the day?” Take a look at these inspiring Friday quotes to get your day or weekend off to an uplifting start.

“The weekend is a great motivator. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Start every day with a new hope. Leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.”

“Finding good friends is a blessing. Celebrate them!”

“I am grateful for all the hustle and bustle of the week. It fills my life with joy and purpose.”

“The best way to boost your energy is to do something special for someone you love.”

“This week is coming to an end and I’m feeling more energized and ready for the adventure ahead.”

“I can now pause for a breath as I welcome a new weekend filled with new possibilities.”

“I am looking forward with indulgence to the weekend. It will be filled with music, laughter and rest.”

Friday Quote Action Items

Ready to take your Friday quotes to the next level and start your weekend off with a bang? Here are some fun Friday quote action items to get you inspired and ready to embrace the weekend.

  1. Make plans to connect with friends or family. Friday is the perfect day to reach out and get together with the people you love!

  2. Take a break from work and do something fun. Go for a walk, watch a movie, or participate in a family game night.

  3. Gather some friends for an impromptu happy hour (virtual or otherwise).

  4. Ready to create something? Get creative and pick up a new hobby. Try writing, crafting, painting, sculpting, photography, baking, or anything else that sparks your curiosity.

  5. Tap into your inner child and plan a game night. Set up a tournament, mix and match different game genres, or take time to play some classic favorites.

  6. Get outside and have some fun. Take a hike, go camping, or host a backyard picnic with your family or friends.

  7. Make plans to volunteer. Spending your free time helping those in need can be incredibly rewarding and give you a sense of purpose.

59 Friday Quotes to Welcome the Weekend

To truly get in the spirit of the incoming weekend, why not glance through some Friday quotes? There is a plethora of them floating around on the web, with many covering inspiring, funny, and motivating topics. Whether to get your brain in the right frame of thought or just to enjoy a few laughs, these can be very helpful. Here is a list that contains 59 of the best Friday quotes out there:

  1. “Friday, my second favorite F word.” – Anonymous

  2. “Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Just flip the switch and enjoy your weekend.” –Anonymous

  3. “TGIF: Today(God Is Finished). Let’s all be thankful.” – Anonymous

  4. “TGIF. Take it easy and enjoy the weekend.” – Anonymous

  5. “TGIF: Time to get incredible food.” – Anonymous

  6. “It’s Friday. Time to party like you just don’t care.” – Anonymous

  7. “TGIF. Life is good, but it will be even better when it’s the weekend.” – Anonymous

  8. “TGIF. Time to kiss the week goodbye and welcome the weekend.” – Anonymous

  9. “TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday…time for some fun.” – Anonymous

  10. “Friday. A day that marks the beginning of our adventures.” – Anonymous

  11. “TGIF. Time to look forward to the bliss that is the weekend.” –Anonymous

  12. “Friday is like a superhero that comes at the end of the week to save us from dullness.” – Anonymous

  13. “TGIF: Time to get into the weekend spirit.” – Anonymous

  14. “TGIF: Time to end the week on a high note.” – Anonymous

  15. “TGIF. Time to let go of the week’s worries and get ready to welcome the weekend.” – Anonymous

  16. “TGIF: Let’s all throw our worries into the past and enjoy life a bit.” – Anonymous

  17. “TGIF. Life looks a lot more fun from Fridays.” – Anonymous

  18. “TGIF: Time to turn off the alarm and turn up the fun.” – Anonymous

  19. “TGIF: Time to part with the week and have a blast welcoming the weekend.” – Anonymous

  20. “TGIF: Time to put work worries aside and enjoy the weekend.” – Anonymous

  21. “TGIF: Time to put an end to the so-called work week and welcome the weekend.” – Anonymous

  22. “TGIF. Life is sweet on Fridays.” – Anonymous

  23. “TGIF. Time to dance and celebrate the start of the weekend.” – Anonymous

  24. “TGIF. Time to break the work routine and live a little.” – Anonymous

  25. “TGIF: Time to crack open a beer and welcome the weekend with friends.” –Anonymous

  26. “TGIF. Let’s enjoy a stress-free weekend.” – Anonymous

  27. “TGIF. Let’s forget about the to-do list and just enjoy some time with our family and friends.” – Anonymous

  28. “TGIF: Time to refresh and get ready for whatever the weekend has in store.” – Anonymous

  29. “TGIF: Time for a good night’s sleep and ample time for relaxing.” – Anonymous

  30. “Enjoy your weekend. It’s the perfect time to make new memories.” – Anonymous

  31. “Weekends are a time to make memories that last a lifetime.” – Anonymous

  32. “Weekends are a time to relax, enjoy, and explore new possibilities.” –Anonymous

  33. “Weekends are a time to appreciate what we have and reunite with those we love.” – Anonymous

  34. “Weekends are a time to take breaks and fill our lives with joy.” –Anonymous

  35. “The weekend is a time to slow down, reflect, and regain our strength.” – Anonymous

  36. “Weekends are a chance to break the routines and find new adventures.” – Anonymous

  37. “Weekends are an opportunity to find inspiration and work on our dreams.” – Anonymous

  38. “Weekends are a time to celebrate our freedom, time, and energy.” – Anonymous

  39. “Weekends are a time to let go of the usual routine and do something out of the ordinary.” – Anonymous

  40. “Weekends are a time to discover new opportunities and overcome our fears.” – Anonymous

  41. “Weekends are a time to treat yourself, to rest, and to appreciate yourself.” – Anonymous

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