Most people are familiar with the classic story about a poor girl whose life is changed for the better when her fortunes are reversed. This is the classic story of Cinderella, and it has been retold many times over the years in various forms. One popular medium for these tales is the world of movies, and many movies have used the story of Cinderella as their foundation. Here we look at five of the most popular Cinderella movies that have been released over the years and how they have stayed true to the beloved classic fairy tale.

The first version of the classic Cinderella story was written by French author Charles Perrault and published in 1697. It features a young orphaned girl whose life is changed when she encounters a magical Fairy Godmother. The Fairy Godmother grants the girl’s wish to attend a royal ball, where she meets the Prince of her dreams. In the story, the girl is able to eventually marry the Prince and escape from her hard life, thus forming the moral “fairy tales can come true”. Since this original story was published, it has been adapted and rebooted in various forms over the centuries.

Cinderella (1950)

The first film adaptation of the classic fairy tale was released in 1950 by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the basic story of the French fairy tale, with a few minor changes, such as Cinderella having two stepsisters instead of just one. It has become a classic of its own and is one of the most popular animated films to this day. It also sparked a series of homages, remakes and sequels, including ‘Cinderella II: Dreams Come True’ (2002) and ‘Cinderella III: A Twist in Time’ (2007).

Ella Enchanted (2004)

Ella Enchanted is a modern take on the Cinderella story. In this movie, the main character is born with a curse that makes her obedient to everyone who orders her. Despite this, she still manages to find her one true love and save her kingdom from a cruel, oppressive ruler. The movie is a musical comedy and stars Anne Hathaway in the title role, as well as Hugh Dancy, Minnie Driver, Cary Elwes and others in supporting roles.

Cinderella (2015)

This live-action remake of the classic Disney cartoon was released in 2015. It stars Lily James in the title role, and it features a much darker tone and an updated look, particularly in its costumes and sets. It follows the basic premise of the original story but adds a few new characters, like wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine, who is played by Cate Blanchett, and assorted stepsisters. The film was a box office hit and was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

A Cinderella Story ( 2004)

Another modern take on the classic tale is the 2004 teen romance A Cinderella Story. It follows high school student Sam Montgomery (Hilary Duff), who is determined to find her high school sweetheart, Austin Ames, before he leaves for Princeton University. Along the way, she encounters many obstacles, including a cruel stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge) and selfish stepsisters. While the movie does not have a traditional fairy godmother, it does feature the help of Sam’s helpful friend, Carter.

Ever After (1998)

The 1998 historical romantic drama Ever After is another version of the Cinderella story that has become a popular favorite. The movie stars Drew Barrymore as Danielle de Barbarac, an orphan girl in 16th-century France who is rescued from dire circumstances by a dashing prince. Here, the prince is portrayed as a romantic hero and the one who helps Danielle achieve her goals.

These five movies are some of the most popular Cinderella movies of all time. Each one has taken the original story and put its own unique spin on it, showing us different versions of what can happen when a simple story is retold in a magical way. Whether you prefer a classic tale or a more modern take on it, these Cinderella movies will be sure to enchant viewers of all ages.

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