Car quotes come from all walks of life and have been around almost as long as vehicles have. They express the beauty and power of cars and offer an insight into the passion and love that drivers have for their cars. Word of mouth and social media have spread these quotes across the globe, giving people inspiration and a deeper understanding of the love of cars.

Car quotes often provide motivation that serves as a reminder for car enthusiasts to keep going. They remind us of the beauty of speed, the thrill of overtaking, and the satisfaction of making a car purr. The best car quotes include a mix of comedy, wisdom, and passion.

For anyone looking to become the biggest car enthusiast ever or just the best driver they can be, the selection of car quotes below is the perfect tool to rev up the passion.

Top 10 Car Quotes to Inspire You

  1. “A car can take you around the world, but only you can experience it.” – Unknown

  2. “All I need is a good car and a great road.” – Unknown

  3. “Cars are like music, some take you further and you can feel the vibration.” – Unknown

  4. “Drive it like you own it.” – Unknown

  5. “I wake up every morning, thank God for my car.” – Unknown

  6. “Keep your wheels rolling, one life is all you get.” – Unknown

  7. “Nothing compares to the rumble of a powerful motor.” – Unknown

  8. “Stick to the speed limit and you’ll never be the one following the pack.” – Unknown

  9. “The more you know about cars, the better you can drive them.” – Unknown

  10. “The roads you take today, define your destination tomorrow.” – Unknown

Famous Car Quotes by Iconic People

The best car quotes often come from the mouths of some of the world’s most famous people. Here are some of their beloved car quotes.

  1. “In Britain you can have any kind of car you like, so long as its black.” – James Bond

  2. “Who needs a car, when you can drive a Ferrari?” – Emma Watson

  3. “In a shut-off-the-engine world, cars are sacred.” – Mercedes Benz

  4. “A car is like a dream..” – Charles Eames

  5. “A car is only as good as the driver.”– Steve McQueen

  6. “The automobile is a balm to my soul.” – Caroll Shelby

  7. “Drive with caution, especially when your only passenger is the wind.” – Mario Andretti

  8. “If you can’t afford a good car, buy a cheap one and make it better.” – Malcolm Gladwell

  9. “Cars are not only a necessity, but can be a great pleasure.” – Henry Ford

  10. “You know you’ve found true love when you value someone’s car more than you value your own.” – Jay Leno

Cool and Creative Car Quotes

  1. “A fast car is like a good time – you have to have it now.” – Unknown

  2. “Gas, grass, or ass. Nobody rides for free.” – Unknown

  3. “The faster I drive, the easier it is to let go.” – Unknown

  4. “If your car leaves you with smoke in your eyes, fix your car, don’t cry.” – Unknown

  5. “The only real failure is when you are too scared to try.” – Unknown

  6. “Never underestimate the power of a car and a great driver.” – Unknown

  7. “If you think fast cars equal fast people, you’ve got a lot to learn.” – Unknown

  8. “If you can’t beat them in the race, just drive more circles around them.” – Unknown

  9. “A car should fit your soul, not your wallet.” – Unknown

  10. “Cars are like people – when you really get to know them, their secrets come out.” – Unknown

Interesting Car Facts and Quotes

  1. “Miles per hour records have increased drastically over the past century due to advances in technology.” – Unknown

  2. “The most expensive car ever sold was at an auction in 2018 and was a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO that sold for $48.4 million.” – Unknown

  3. “The first cars were powered by steam engines, not gasoline engines as they are today.” – Unknown

  4. “Cars are an important symbol of freedom and independence in the United States, with most teenagers wanting nothing more than to be able to drive.” – Unknown

  5. “One fourth of all cars ever made are still on the road.” – Unknown

  6. “Car theft is a billion dollar a year industry, and is one of the most common crimes in the world.” – Unknown

  7. “The first cars could go as fast as 18 mph, and now some cars have reached speeds of over 300 mph.” – Unknown

  8. “The British are the biggest fans of cars in Europe, with over 28 million cars in the United Kingdom.” – Unknown

  9. “Gasoline taxes in the United States are among the highest in the world, at around 18 cents per gallon.” – Unknown

  10. “It can take up to a week to build a car, depending on the model.” – Unknown

Final Thoughts on Car Quotes

No matter one’s experience with cars, car quotes have something for everyone. From the carefree to the passionate, the quotations range from funny to inspirational. They all have a common theme of motivation and love for cars that is sure to have any car enthusiast revved up and ready to go.

Whether you are out driving or just dreaming of your future car, car quotes remind us of the beauty of speed and the thrill of being behind the wheel. Whether you want to feel inspired or just remember why you love cars, car quotes are sure to motivate and remind us of the freedom that cars can provide.

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